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Exclusive: Story of a 92-year-old Brazilian searching for the redemption of the curse at Belo Horizonte

[caption id="attachment_56783" align="aligncenter" width="580"]a18e9001-801f-4412-8288-4829535043be 92 years old Luiz Lopes is from Curitiba. Image Source: XtraTime[/caption]

Kolkata: As they say, this is not just a game for the Brazilians, football is more than their lives, their existence and more importantly more than their lust for achieving personal goals of life. The FIFA U17 World Cup Quarter Final between Brazil and Germany might just be another game for the players and coaches involved in the game, but for the fans, it's still a matter of their biggest pride ; especially after that 1-7 defeat at Belo Horizonte in 2014. 92 years old Luiz Lopes from Curitiba, who was 'discovered' by, in front of the stadium, is perhaps the face of millions of Brazilian fans who still spend sleepless nights in the hope of a redemption of that humiliating defeat.

Lopes was telling XtraTime, "In Brazil, we still don't talk about that game. It was probably the most painful night we have ever had. I have come here just to see a revenge of that night."

Lopes reminds that he will not just be happy with a win, but the scoreline too would be crucial for the solace. He was saying, "Not just a win, I want Brazil to win it by 8-0 win in our favour. That is what I want to see here. I want it to happen here because I don't know if I will stay alive till the next World Cup. That is why I have flown all the way from my city Curitiba."

The eyes became filled with tears when he tells that he was yet to collect his match ticket. The tears which had it's own language, the language which speaks about the love and crescendo the Brazilians have for the "beautiful game", whoch they call "Joga Bonito".

Belo Horizonte somehow bridged the emotions of the Brazilian fans at the City of Joy. Thank you Luiz Lopes!

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