Dharamveer Pal no more a ball-boy?

[caption id="attachment_56779" align="aligncenter" width="580"]DP1 Dharamveer Pal knows many Indian cricketers too. Image Source: The Better India[/caption]


Internet Desk: Dharamveer Pal, a known face in cricket, the polio-affected ball-boy will not be seen near the boundary lines in the near future however Dharamveer can sit in the stands and cheer for his team.

This important decision was taken after the Indian Cricket Board were severely criticised on social media for using the services of a specially-abled child. And as a result a notice has been circulated to all associations restraining them to use services of any special child.

Dharamveer has been recognized by many cricketers and Sachin Tendulkar spoke to him is his farewell test way back in 2013. Many cricketers have lent in their support to encourage such fans.

“It has been reported that physically handicapped boys are being used as ball-boys during the international matches by the state units and we have been criticised for the same,” Shetty wrote in his letter, as reported by The Sunday Express.

He added, “You are advised not to issue ground access pass to any physically handicapped person as ball-boys. They should be given proper seating in the stands allocated.

“I went to MCA and I was told that I won’t get the pass. I got a ticket from an Indian player. Mujhe match dekhne se matlab hai. (I just want to watch the match), be it from the boundary rope or from the stands. I tried to ask MCA why they are not issuing a pass and I was told that there is some new BCCI rule. I have no complaint — whatever name I have earned in India is because of cricket. I have been cheering the Indian team for years now and will continue to do so,” Dharamveer  said.

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