CFL 2017: Mohun Bagan official Debasish Dutta explodes against The IFA, Utpal Ganguli hits back

mohun-bagan-club-official-debasish-dutta-arrives-225797Siliguri, Sabyasachi Bagchi: Mohun Bagan official Debasish Dutta terms The IFA as "corrupted" and the IFA officials as "thieves" after yet another disappointing finish in the Calcutta Football League today. Despite dominating the entire game Mohun Bagan had to settle for a 2-2 draw against Arch rivals East Bengal in an eventful Kolkata derby at Siliguri today. A controversial penalty kick which was awarded to East Bengal in the second half, helped the Red and Gold brigade to salvage a draw to win their eighth consecutive CFL title. After the game, Debasish Dutta, Bagan coach Shankarlal Chakraborty and IFA Secretary Utpal Ganguli, all shared their reactions in their usual style:

Debasish Dutta: IFA is a corrupted organization. Almost all the officials are corrupted over there. Starting from the Secretary to the guy who prepares the fixtures, everyone is corrupted. They are thieves. The entire association works to help East Bengal to win the title. The guy who prepares the fixture, takes bribe to do that. I want to request the Secretary to step down immediately. He has already destroyed football in West Bengal. The quality of referring is horrible, one-sided. We have decided to send the VCD of this game to FIFA to show the standard of referring. In all the games we have played, the standard of referring was very poor. Even today, despite the fact that it's not a home match for either of the two clubs and in fact an exhibition match, The IFA begged footballs from the two clubs to start the game! This is shameful. We have high chances of not competing in the CFL anymore. I know the IFA Secretary might give punishments to me, but I am least bothered.

Utpal Ganguli: One should be careful before making such comments. This is not the first time. Debasish Dutta had done that previously as well. Every time when we send show-cause notices to him, he sends an apology letter. This time would be no exception as well. The fixture though was prepared in front of everyone. And the match ball about which he was talking about, was provided by The IFA only.

Shankarlal Chakraborty: From the start of the league I knew that we have to play against fourteen and not eleven. This game is no exception. I expected this game to be like a "King vs King" affair. Unfortunately, their spirits were like Tollygunge or any other small teams who love to waste time intentionally. But my boys played extremely well and we could have won this by 5-2 had we capitalize the chances.

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