2018 FIFA WC

Watch: Argentine fans across the globe is waiting for the "Messi Magic"

Anilava Chatterjee, St. Petersburg:
  I have seen a middle-aged gentleman rushed into a shop to buy a blue and white scarf. The man looked angry with a beard went to a restaurant and gave the scarf to a boy. The boy hugged the man in joy. I saw that his mother was smiling as well. It wasn't a script of a bengali film. I wrote what I saw. I don't need to act like Prosenjit or Arpita Chatterjee. To them, it was "Mishuk Day". Their son Mishuk is an avid football lover. He is an Argentina fan and also a Messi fan. He reads in Codaicanal Day School and plays for his school team. Prosenjit planned the ' break' to fulfill Mishuk's indulgence. They watched Argentina match at Nijhni and then came to watch the Brazil match at St. Petersburg. They will also watch the match between Argentina and Nigeria. Arpita came here on Sunday with friend and producer Shyam Sundar Dey. It was a football party for the Chatterjee family. Prosenjit also enjoying the emotions and excitement of the World Cup.

He went to the cruise ship with his wife and son on Neva river. The local time here was 12.30am. The evening was slowly coming down at St. Petersburg. One can see lighten up churches and old architectures on both sides of the river. It looks stunning from here. All the bridges look amazing under lights from the river. When the cruise is passing the bridges, it gets devided into two. Everything looks magical. We were standing on the cruise. Prosenjit was saying," I think this city is more beautiful than London. And the festival of football has added more colours to it. If I close my eyes I can listen to the buzz of the stadium. I will return to India with an amazing experience."

Arpita has come here just a couple of days back. They haven't gotten any tickets of the Argentina game and if they don't get any tickets they will watch the game from the fan feast. Both mom and son had a chit chat regarding Messi on the cruise."Messi can't score anymore", said Arpita and listening to it Mishuk (Trishanjit) got angry. He said," Mom don't be a football expert for a month. Messi will single-handedly destroy Nigeria in the next game. You will see." After watching this Prosenjit was laughing." Mishuk in this game Argentina might win, but what will happen next? They are not favorites to win the tournament this year," said Prosenjit.

The Sun was about to rise at St. Petersburg. The Moonlight was shadowed by some beautiful architectures. Suddenly the daylight was seen. Prosenjit told to his son, " See Mishuk that is what we call magic hour in cinema. It lasts only 15 to 20 minutes. We won't sleep to shoot in this light." Mishuk nodes his head and tries to understand the whole thing. "He also prayed for a magic hour at St.Petersburg stadium on Tuesday so that Messi will show the magic."

Not only the Tollywood superstar but also the whole World especially the Messi fans are also praying the same thing. Millions of Argentine supporters already came to the city. Many fans from India like East Bengal supporter Sabyasachi Dasgupta are also there. Kolkata based music composer Arindam Chattopadhyay said, "I will come tomorrow to support Argentina in this do or die match." Celebrities like singer Upal Sengupta, composer Joy Sarkar will come to watch the game. According to FIFA they issued 18 thousand tickets for the Indians. Most of them to watch the magic no 10. They have to wait for few more hours.

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