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Exclusive from Russia: Maradona found moving around with '78 World Cup picture and replica

[caption id="attachment_68328" align="aligncenter" width="580"] Maradona leaving the Stadium after Argentina's match. Image Source: XtraTime[/caption]

Anilava Chatterjee, Moscow: On the blue T-shirt, it is written Argentina 1978. The first time when Argentina won the world cup in the leadership of Daniel Pasarella. Who knows what he is trying to mean by wearing the '78 T-shirt in the 2018 World Cup. He invited a controversy today only after being spotted to have ciger at the VIP lounge of the stadium. But for Maradona, we had never seen him abiding by any protocols!The car parking zone of the Spartak Stadiun demands to walk a bit. Before anybody comes to know, the security helped him to get the car. But those who saw him, have certainly got healed a bit after a disappointing draw against Iceland. Among them, one was saying, "Our football God was just in my handshaking distance. Today we are lucky to witness him from that close a distance. We will cherish the moment for our lives."

He made no comments on Argentina's first match of the competition. But he was found in a fine mood. The ear-ring, shades and familiar attitude. He and his team then got into a van. When he was entering the van I saw a small replica of the World Cup in his hand. I think that was a key ring. He was waving the hand with it while leaving the Stadium. Don't know what he was trying to say.

After Maradona’s departure the sadness of the Argentine supporters were again in front of me. The fans looked very much disappointed after the 1-1 draw with Iceland. The buses of both the teams were beside the vip lounge. Messi & co. left the stadium almost two hours after the match. But almost two hundred supporters were still present there to see the Lionel Messi. Some were sitting on the road. They were still in shock as it was hard to believe that a team like Argentina will play out a draw against Iceland. In the morning the whole mood across the stadium was different. The fans were singing, dancing and shouting vamos Argentina.

During the ongoing FIFA World Cup the Russian Samba Group is organizing small concerts during across the stadiums in Moscow. A gang comprising with ten men were present at Spartak in the dress of Samba. For last five years they have been organizing Samba festival in Moscow. To teach Samba dance a teacher is there as well. They are here to entertain the crowd from Brazil, Argentina and other countries throughout the football carnival.

Just outside the Spartak Stadium one can see a huge statue of Spartacus. It’s almost 24.5 miters long. It was built here for the World Cup in the year 2014. In the morning the atmosphere was totally different with song, dance and happiness but in the evening after Argentina played out a draw with Iceland the whole thing got changed as fans were vry much demoralized with the performance of Messi & co.

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