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2018 FIFA WC: FIFA’s Technical Study Group reports group phase statistics

XtraTime Web desk: The Technical Study Group (TSG) of FIFA has compiled insights about the initial 48 group matches. It highlights the comparison with the relevant data obtained after the group stage of the previous two editions of the FIFA World Cup.

As per their reports in the current edition, an average of 2.5 goals has been scored per game in the group. In 2014 we saw an average of 2.8 goals per game and in 2010, 2.1 goals per game were recorded.

In the group stage of the 2018 FIFA World Cup, we have seen 6.1 of every 10 goals coming from open play. In comparison in 2014 we saw 7.6 goals out of 10 coming from open play and in 2010 7.8 goals.

We have also seen an increase in the number of goals scored in 2nd half additional time with a total of 16 goals being scored after 90 minutes of play in the group stage. In the 2014 FIFA World Cup 9 goals were scored in second half additional time and in the 2010 FIFA World Cup only 4 goals.

One insight that has been identified to separate teams that passed the group phase to those that did not is the shot to goal and shot on target to goal ratio. In the 2018 FIFA World Cup teams passing the group phase needed 7.7 shots on average to score a goal whereas teams that failed to qualify took 14.3 shots per goal. When we break down further to look at the shots on target per goal ratio, we see a similar pattern in that teams that qualified through the group phase took on average 2.5 shots on target to score a goal with teams that did not qualify taking 4.0.

 Shots per goalShots per goalShots on target per goalShots on target per goal
  Qualified   Not Qualified      Qualified    Not Qualified
2018 FIFA World Cup      11.2          17.9           3.6            4.9
2014 FIFA World Cup       6.9          13.7           2.8            4.1
2010 FIFA World Cup       7.7          14.3           2.5            4.0


Finally, teams that qualified through the group in the 2018 FIFA World Cup had an average number of passes that was 21% higher than the teams that left the competition at the group stage.


Teams that passed the group stage average number of passesTeams that did not pass the group stage average number of passes
2010 FIFA World Cup                  475                    406
2014 FIFA World Cup                  576                    449
2018 FIFA World Cup                  520                    430




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