Virat Kohli is concerned about the physical activity of the youngsters. Do you know why?

Michael Clarke claims that Virat Kohli' style of cricket is similar to Australians. File Pic

XtraTime Web Desk: Indian cricket team’s captain Virat Kohli and sportswear brand PUMA commissioned a pan-India study with market research agency Kantar IMRB to understand the current state of physical activity and sports adoption in the country. The study also assesses the barriers to playing sport regularly. Additionally, it highlights that the biggest motivation for adopting play is the sheer joy it brings and how it can effortlessly be included in everyday life. Kohli himself is very much concerned that the young generation is doing lesser physical activity and he is very 'Disturbed' regarding this matter. Kohli has posted an image on his twitter as well.

According to the findings:

#  1/3rd of the total population surveyed had not done any physical activity even once in the last 1 year. Physical activity here included any activity at home/outdoors/gyms/fitness centers such as Running/Walking/Zumba/Yoga/Swimming etc. as well as sports such as Cricket, Football, Badminton, Tennis, Table Tennis, Basketball, Volleyball, Hockey, Squash and local games such as Kabaddi, Kho-Kho etc.

#  57% of the respondents have not played any sport for the last one year. 3/4th of this group last played a sport only in school or college. While 70% of the respondents between 18-21 years had played a sport at least once in the last 1 year, this figure dropped drastically as individuals progressed in their occupations, and reduced to just 26% in the age bracket of 36-40 years.

#  58% of those who don’t play any sport cited ‘Lack of time’ as the main reason. However, the research brought out that the same respondents also spent close to 4-5 hours on social media, watching TV, personal phone conversations and usage of various messaging platforms on a typical working day (all put together). In fact, the average frequency of uploading content on one’s social media handles was found to be 9 times in a month. Additionally, the average number of working hours for those who don’t play was found to be lesser than those who do (4.8 hours vs. 5.4 hours).

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