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2018 FIFA WC: Incredible! Do you know how Brazil coach Tite is 'spying' on the other teams?

[caption id="attachment_16386" align="aligncenter" width="580"] Brazil coach Tite is planning something incredible for Russia. Image: Russia[/caption]

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Brazil coach Tite is known for his unique ways of preparing for tournaments. His improvisations have aleady begun for Russia as well.

Brazil has been labelled as a country that lives for football and the country's federation has proven that by assigning 19 domestic clubs to provide scouting reports on the team's World Cup opponents.

Through a draw that took part last October, the aforementioned first division clubs put their analysts on work to scout their national team's potential rivals.

The scouts had to watch all the matches of certain teams and study their movements, tactics and main starts.

The Brazil national coach has already met with Avai's representatives, who have provided him with information regarding Costa Rica.

This week he is also set to meet those of Gremio, in charge of observing Switzerland, and those of Sport, who are in charge of studying Serbia, in order to collect all the information needed on the team's three group stage rivals.

Another 24 teams have been scouted from 16 Brazilian club and those excluded are the South American contenders, with Flamengo being the only club that refused to participate to the project.

The idea of involving the clubs was Fernando Lazaro, member of Tite's technical staff and a video of the draw was sent to every team.

Although the clubs were provided with a certain scouting format, Lazaro gave them the freedom to improvise and add up their own comments, while some of them have also travelled to Europe to attend games.



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