2018 FIFA WC

2018 FIFA WC: Do you know Ronaldo's preparation to lift the trophy in Russia?

XtraTime Web Desk:
Do you know the secret behind Cristiano Ronaldo's unbelievable fitness and success rate in international football? Do you know how the Portuguese is preparing himself for the chase to win his first FIFA World Cup trophy? Well, the preparations are going really well.

Luis Lavrador, the chef of the Portuguese national team, has talked about the diet that Cristiano Ronaldo follows, which gives him one of the most envied bodies in football... and makes him appear 10 years younger than his passport says.

Ronaldo, who is 33 years old, has taken so much care of his body that he confesses " I am now biologically 23 years old."

"Cristiano drinks special isotonic drinks prepared with less sugar and with a mixture of carbohydrates to boost his resistance, electrolytes and vitamin B12 to fight fatigue," Lavrador said in 'Business Insider.'

His diet is very rich in protein and he drinks a glass of wine a day as well as eating many varieties of fish (one of his favorite foods), fresh fruit, cereals, assorted salads and grilled meat.

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