Sports Culture in India: Changing Sports Heritage for Better Future-Mradul Sharma(IISWBM)

India is known for its rich cultural heritage and the country's unity in diversity is still being looked at with awe by the entire world. However sports was left waif. Sport was never considered to be an essential part of learning and development and was always neglected. This is the ‘Sports Heritage’ that we had received from our ancestors. However things are changing for the good, slowly and steadily sports consciousness has been developing in India. This article will look at some of the positive things that are being carried out in Indian environment, which have potential to develop sports culture in the nation.


The Panchyat Yuva Krida Aur Khel Abhiyan, a Govt’s initiative to develop sports culture at the grass root level. Through this scheme sports infrastructure is developed in rural areas, monetary support is also provided for developing playing fields and block level sports center. Several completions are also being organized to provide participation opportunity to the youths, which also help in talent identification.

Changing Habits

Indians outlook towards health and fitness is changing. They are more aware of their habits and are making conscious efforts in order to remain fit. The increasing yoga and gym membership, participation in sports events (Marathon, adventure sports etc.) are testimony for it. Also, technological revolution has made access to information a lot easier, where with a click of a finger, information regarding calorie intake, fitness exercises, nutrition requirement and performance measurement are easily available.

Sports & Education

Sports as a part of curriculum would not only allow a kid to play sports early in his life, but also help in developing cognitive skills and improve fitness. There are few sports education companies in the Indian market who are providing a structured framework for learning through sports. Such platform targets the holistic development of a child. Also by providing participating opportunities in sports at such an early age, would allow talent identification and development process smooth. There are also few companies, which provide global exposure to talented kids in sports of football, by providing them with opportunity to hone their football skills in a foreign academy without compromising their education, as the player would be registered at local university to pursue education.

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