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Are you a sports lover? Well..! Once upon a time there live people of a region called northeastern part of India, where less recognisation from the rest of the region or country people, but ultimately changes, due to some talent that contribute in games and sports which  show up in terms of winning medal for the nation in International event. Sports have played a huge role for the region to be a part or to connect with the rest of the region and country simultaneously. The likes of Bhaichung Bhutia (an ex footballer) hailed from Sikkim an Arjuna award and Padmashree in 1999 and 2008 respectively, also  who  is the only Indian player to have played more than 100 international matches  and few among the world , Mary Kom ( boxer) born & raised up in a small village Kangathei in Manipur and also Bronze Medal in Summer Olympic & a five-time world amateur boxing champion a sportswoman who themselves in winning many medal in various events has made India proud with her glorious achievements. And so, there are many more who contribute in highest level of achievement.

“Northeast’s sports lovers respect sportspersons a lot. They are very appreciative and encouraging. More than the government it is the people’s passion that makes a place a sports hub.  Apart from being recognized to all people of the country or outsider about Tourism, it also has the taste of sports which will also boost the economics of all the northeastern state.

Northeast India has also got an immense opportunity to host such huge tournament like FIFA World Cup u-17 in Guwahati, Meghalaya had made the bid to host the 39th National Games after successfully co-hosting the South Asian Games last year, with Manipur recently hosting the 8th senior hockey championship and so on etc.

The loves of sports people have in this region is tremendous. With the help and support of government and association it built and regime to every individual in general to be a part of games and sports throughout their rightly choice. Various schemes have been set up for the development of the games and sports such as PYKKA, JAAGO RE etc. SAI which plays an important role to provide the best training to the athletes.

Physical Education, Games and sports is also important in a secondary school levels to inculcate confidence competitive and team spirit in the minds of the youth. A child’s who grow up with the abilities of learning a sports culture will always harvest a personality development which will help him/her future stable in a form of structure manner. Also with the better infrastructure and facilities in the regions one can developed faster and brighter learning process into what is he/she set to apply and perform.

Hence more states in the country should follow the example of the North-Eastern states, not just to produce better sportspersons representing the country, but also to help build a better society for the future generations.

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