Sangakkara , Jayawardene to be offered new roles in Sri Lankan cricket, says SLC President

[caption id="attachment_64109" align="alignnone" width="580"]DSC_1505 Sri Lanka Cricket Board President addressing the media in Colombo on Monday. Image Source: Xtra Time[/caption]

Debasis Sen, Colombo: Regarded as true icons here, Mahela Jayawerdene and Kumar Sangakkara may land up getting new roles in Sri Lankan cricket. Sri Lanka Cricket Board chief Thilanga Sumathipala on Monday said, “They (Sanga and Mahela) have a role to play. They are still playing and coaching in the game. We would like to welcome them with open arms.”

Mr Sumathipala met Mahela three days back to discuss few things as to where he can be involved. He will also meet Sangakkara once he comes back to the country after playing the Pakistan Super League.

“I will be meeting Sangakkara next week. Both of them have so much to contribute but at what level, one must understand. They are still in demand. Four-five years down the line, they cannot be a full-time coach sitting with the national team and giving their heart and soul because they are so much on demand,” said Sumathipala.

It will be interesting whether they (Sanga and Mahela) really get roles in Sri Lanka Cricket as they have been the staunch critics of the board. Both of them had time and again criticised the country’s cricket structure for not producing good cricketers.

“Didn’t we produce Sangakkara and Mahela from this system. This is the structure where they have played and made their name in cricket. If you think the structure was wrong, what was wrong with them? They have come so far after playing in this structure. All the structures have to be revisited and improved. I am not saying they are critical to our school cricket,” questions Sumathipala.

He added, “There are two different schools of thoughts. Mahela's idea is different. What he is saying is that improve the Lanka Premier League. We are supportive of some of his remarks which he is making. Sangakkara is advocating on assisting us in some other area. I will always have Mahela as our advisory coach or consultant coach because he is such a good strategic coach. You can't question his knowledge on his strategy.”

With the general elections in India, there is a possibility of hosting the Indian Premier League away from the country like 2009. The second season of the cash rich league was shifted to South Africa. Sri Lankan Board President have no problems in hosting the IPL matches if an opportunity does arise.

“We have six international stadiums which are of international standard, most of them are floodlit. We have the infrastructure. At any time, we are happy to work with our partners in the region. It is up to the franchises. I am more than happy to welcome them. I don't have knowledge of them moving out next year. When one looks at the time zone and Television rights, Sri Lanka is best suited. It has the same time. Even if India people want to fly down for the game, they can come and leave in the next morning. It is convenient. Economically, from the time zone point of view, Sri Lanka and Bangladesh is at an advantage,” said Sumathipala.






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