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Hasin is a fraud? Who said this about Mohammed Shami's wife?

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Sabyasachi Bagchi: Hasin Jahan, wife of Mohammed Shami has filed an F.I.R against him and his family. Kolkata Police has started the investigation against him under several sections of the Indian Penal Code including 498A, which amounts to cruelty to a woman by her husband or his family. The other charges against Shami are under Section 307 – attempt to murder, Section 323 – punishment for voluntarily causing hurt, Section 376 – rape, Section 506 – criminal intimidation, Section 328 and 34. Among these charges few are non bail-able also, which has put Shami in a lot of jeopardy. The other family members who are directly connected with this case are Shami’s elder brother Hasib Ahmed, sister-in-law Shama Parvin, mother Anjuman Ara Begum and sister Shabina Anjum. When many have started thinking that Shami is the culprit in this matter, his childhood coach, Badruddin Ahmed feels that Shami might not face this trouble if he had listen to him or his family before marrige.

Women’s Grievance Cell of Lal Bazar have already started their investigation regarding this case. They will send a notice to Hasin and ask her to handover the documents which she has against Shami. After that they will examine the documents and would saman Shami and his family. Not only that they will record their statement also. As per the police authority, Hasin has given Shami’s residential address of Moradabad in her complaint letter. In a few days time, they will sent a letter or e-mail to Shami on this matter.

Though, Shami’s childhood coach Badruddin thinks that it’s a conspiracy against his student and his allegations are against Hasin Jahan.” Whatever Hasin has said against Shami are nothing but false allegations and her conspiracy has put Shami in more trouble. I think she only loves Shami’s success and money and she wants all the properties of his husband. I think Shami has now understood his fault but its too late now.” As per the sources of police authority, if Hasin’s allegations against Shami are true, Shami’s cricketing career will be ruined and he would face ten years of imprisonment. On being asked about the matter, Badruddin said,” I just want to say, first she has to prove everything in court. Anyone can bring any allegations against you, but that doesn’t mean that you are guilty.”

Badruddin first met Jahan during 2012. From the very first day, he didn’t like Hasin Jahan. As per Badruddin, Hasin didn’t say anything regarding her first marriage and about her daughters to Shamu.” Shami’s father Taufiq Ahmed and I saw her first time in Kolkata. Beside modeling she also was a cheerleader in IPL as well and that’s why Taufiq didn’t accept her as Shami’s husband. We told Shami as well that we don’t like Hasin but he didn’t listen to us and paying the price now.”

He also alleged that Hasin is nothing but a liar.” Shami brought her to Jadavpur before they got married to each other. After a long period time Shami and his family got the news that Hasin did marry someone and they had kids as well and after this incident Shami’s relation with Hasin deteriorated a lot. The age difference is also a reason for their quarrel as well.”

Shami is in Moradabad right now after this incident. Badruddin went there to meet him too. According to him Shami is going through a massive mental pressure but he is trying his best to prove his innocence.” I know him when he was just 15 years of age and I don’t believe that Shami has done this.”

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