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South Africa is vulnerable, says Bhuvneshwar

[caption id="attachment_63270" align="aligncenter" width="580"]DWVEJ9UXUAAvd9K Bhuvneshwar Kumar took a five-for against South Africa i Johannesburg on Sunday. Image Source: BCCI[/caption]

XtraTime Desk: After taking a five-for against South Africa in the first of three match T20I series to help the visitors to win the game in Johannesburg, India’s star pacer Bhuvneshwar Kumar feels that in the recently concluded ODI series and now the Proteas looked vulnerable but beside that he also added it happens to any side in the world when things don’t go their way.

“If you look at the one-day series and now, yes they've been vulnerable but sa is not that kind of team. it happens to any team in the world when things don't go your way or plans don't fall in place but that doesn't mean they're a weak team or they're not a good team,” said Kumar at the post match press-conference on Sunday.

Dhawan played a magical knock of 72 runs and after that the bowlers did the remaining work as the visitors won the first T20I by 28 runs. Bhuvneshwar termed this as a complete performance by the team.

“When you win you forget everything. Of course it was a complete performance from us. When we went in there, we knew what we wanted to do as best as a bowling team.

“It's about managing the workload. things have been going good so far, so touch wood. two more matches to go and then we'll see what the body's saying.”

On being asked whether he changed something in his lengths during the ongoing tour, Bhuvi said,”There was nothing different. Just like how you prepare your strategy before going into any game, how to bowl, what lengths to bowl, what line to stick to, let's stick to this length, let's bowl a bit back of length, those kind of things. The important thing is how you mix your deliveries according to the wicket. For instance, today we bowled a lot of slow balls. It was a part of our strategy on this wicket, to do away with pace and make it difficult for the batsmen to score. Apart from line and length, it's important to understand how you want to mix your deliveries.”

The Proteas batsmen didn’t bat with a plan today. Bhuvi though don’t want to think about what’s wrong they did as he only bowled according to his plans.

"I don't know what they were doing wrong but what I was trying to do is bring about change of pace in my bowling. Just wanted to take the pace off the ball because I knew it won't be easy to hit the ball and that's what I did," added Kumar.

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