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Exclusive: What is Paulo Meneses saying after getting sacked by Aizawl FC?

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Jagrick Dey: An hour after parting the ways from defending I-League champions Aizawl FC, their head coach Paulo Meneses spoke to journalist Jagrick Dey about his journey with the team. He showed his grief with the way Aizawl FC management decided to sack him.


XT: Was there any pressure on you as a head coach of a defending champion team?

Meneses: No it was last year and that also was a different team who won the I-League title. There was no pressure on me but officials expected much more from the team.

XT: In football getting goals is the key. Do you think lack of scoring ability hurt the team?

Meness: Yes of course. We have played well but couldn’t convert the chances into goals as we didn’t have enough experienced players in the team who can score goals.

XT: You are supposed to be on the bench as Aizawl will face Indian Arrows but now the whole situation changed dramatically. What’s your reaction?

Meneses: I was shocked as me and the entire team was prepared for the next game and I think that shouldn’t be the way to tell a coach to resign. After getting the news I shared it to the players and they were stunned.

XT: Aizawl’s performance wasn’t up to the mark this season. Why?

Meness: I had to work with the team provided by the management. I tried my best to work with them.

XT: What will be your message to the fans?

Meness: I just want to say thank you for supporting me.

XT: In this season what Aizawl can achieve?

Meness: They can finish fourth in this season if they play well and able to score some goals.

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