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This legendary spinner has a suggestion for Ashwin in South Africa

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Sabyasachi Bagchi, Kolkata: Team India started their practice seasons in South Africa ahead of the first Test in Cape Town. Just four days is left as the series will start from January 5. Will India use two spinners in this dry track? speaks with former legendary spinner Erapalli Prasanna while he raised a question about Ashwin’s leg spin bowling.

XT: Several pacers have been taken keeping in view of the South African wickets. The first eleven does not have two spinners. What did you say?

Prasanna: I read in papers that drought going on in South Africa and that’s why they are not giving enough water in the wickets. It has been hard to get rid of the wicket. However, as the pitches are dry, there is no possibility of playing two spinners. Last time also India played with single spinner.

XT: Who will play? Ravichandran Ashwin or Ravindra Jadeja? 

Prasanna: How can I say sitting here. Though, Jadeja is very much ahead of Ashwin in terms of taking wickets. So hopefully the team management will throw their best spinners in the field.

XT: But Ashwin did not get much success at home but abroad. However, Ashwin has played just one Test in South Africa. What’s on your mind?

Prasanna: When it comes to the context of a foreign tour, it is very well known that Ashwin always has been behind Kumble and Harbhajan Singh and he knows that pretty well too. Though, he has become more and more matured from previous foreign tours. So hopefully Ashwin will do something good.

XT: Before going to South Africa, Ashwin has tested 'Leg spin' in some Ranji Trophy matches. It's heard that he will use it against the Proteas as a weapon. What do you think about it?

Prasanna: If he is using the leg-spin considering the bounce of the wicket, it will be the biggest blunder of his life. He should understand a top class leg-spinner many times got hammered in the Test matches and in his case, it’s just a stock delivery. If he thinks that he can dominate the Proteas batsman with his stock deliveries, god bless him. He should understand that his best weapon is his off-spin and carom ball, so I think he should stick to his basics. If he does this it would would definitely go in the team’s favour.

XT: Ashwin is a match winner. Do you think he will go to the field without any preparation?


Prasanna: If haven’t said that he isn’t prepared. My concern is that this kind of tests with the bowling may cost him as well as the team. In an important tour like this, one shouldn’t do such kind of tests.



XT: So much negative comments about Ashwin's 'leg-spin'. But if he proves all wrong, what will you say?

Prasanna: If he can prove me wrong then I would be most happy. Ashwin match winner and how he achieved this height everyone knows that. Now the question is how well can use the “stock ball”.

XT: Will you like to give any massage to Ashwin?

Prasanna: Just one advice that Nathan Lyon relied on his off spin and got success and it also showed in the newly-completed series. He has to believe on his skills as off spin gave him the establishment in this level. He is a real champion.

XT: My last question, what you think about the result of the series?

Prasanna: This Indian team is not like the previous teams. There is a balance in the team. And if the South Africans were forced to retreat, the team would also have to retaliate. So I'm least hopeful of winning the Test series.

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