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Exclusive: How did Dipanda Dicka celebrate his match winning performance in Kolkata derby?


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Sabyasachi Bagchi: Mohun Bagan striker Dipanda Dicka was not in his best form before the derby against East Bengal as he received “Go Back” slogan from the supporters. The officials also were not very happy with his performance but, this is not the first time that a player became a hero after the derby match. This was not very comfortable situation for Bagan as their star player Sony Norde decided to leave the club for his injury and other players like Yuta Kinowaki was also not in the squad. xtratime.in spoke to the hero of the I- League derby.

Q: After this derby Mohun Bagan claimed 4th spot with 16 points in 10 matches. Is there any possibility to be the champion of I League?

Dicka: Obviously it’s possible to be the champion specially after winning this match we came back strongly to claim it. No one thought we can win the game even after taking 2-0 lead but, we believed on ourselves. We have to play with this confidence in the remaining eight matches to claim the title.

Q: You became hero in your second derby. How you enjoyed the moment?

Dicka: I have no words to express my feelings. I have to say thanks to Sony Norde, he was with me in my hard times as I failed to score in my first derby and failed to perform well in previous few matches and I want to dedicate this win to Sony.

Q: Sony congratulated the team. What was his massage after the match?

Dicka: He was very happy and hugged everybody. He said in my three years of experience it was the best performance in derby. We also congratulated him and wish him a speedy recovery.

Q: It was your first match with Akram Moghrabi and both of you combined well. How it became possible?

Dicka: Sony helped us to develop the combination as he instructed us to talk about talk about each other's football in the dressing room. We used to practice in the field as Sony said and we started to know each others’ style of play.  He did the job. But our work is not finished yet. We have to do better in the next matches.

Q: you became ‘Comeback Man' in kolkata Maidan. How is this possible?

Dicka: Last year I was the highest goal scorer in the I-League. Looking at my performance Mohun Bagan signed me. Every player had bed times in their career. In the last matches of the league, the problem was the old partner did not pass (read Ansumana Kromah) but I do not want to give any excuses I want to maintain that performance in all the matches from now on. We want to win the I-League in absence of Sony.

Q: You scored two which one was the best?

Dicka: At the first minute Akram headed a ball towards me I was sure to score and I did it. That gave me the confidence to double the shoreline but the second goal was the best to me. That probably the best goal I have ever scored.

Q: How you celebrated the day after became hero of the match?

Dicka: I don’t like party so there is no question of celebration. Because, we had a rush to go to Aizawl for the next match. We have to win all the remaining matches. After wining I- League we will celebrate.



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