Senior Diego meets Junior Diego - Find out how

[caption id="attachment_59762" align="aligncenter" width="580"]Diego Maradona with Diego Jr. | Image: XtraTime Diego Maradona with Diego Jr. | Image: XtraTime[/caption]

Kolkata: Diego meets Diego. It might seem a bit weird but that is what exactly happened on Tuesday night. Diego Maradona met Diego, in which happened to be the second visit for the Argentine legend in Kolkata. And the senior Diego lifts the junior on his lap on their very first meeting.

Satadru Dutta, the man who brought Maradona to Kolkata, finalized the deal with the genius on 1st May, on the very same day when he became the proud father of a baby boy. Coincidentally both the special things happened on the similar day. Thus Satadru decided to name his son by the name of the legend.

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That "little Diego" got blessed to get lifted on the lap of his legendary namesake last night with a touch of affection and love. In his usual amusing style Maradona stated, "He is not my own son, but his name is also Diego!".

After meeting the senior Diego, the junior Diego will now go with his dad to meet Portuguese genius Cristiano Ronaldo. His dad Satadru Dutta will take him to watch the El Clasico on the 23rd December.

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