Find out why Sourav Ganguly has urged for day-night Test in India

[caption id="attachment_59911" align="aligncenter" width="580"]Sourav Ganguly at a promotional event at Khudiram Anushilan Kendra Pic Courtesy: XtraTime Sourav Ganguly at a promotional event at Khudiram Anushilan Kendra
Pic Courtesy: XtraTime[/caption]

Kolkata: Sourav Ganguly has been associated with the Kolkata Marathon 25K for the past 2 years and today he was present at the Khudiram Anushulan Kendra for the promotion of this event.

On being asked about that cricket too is a marathon game after citing the example of Rohit Sharma's 208* innings at Mohali yesterday. To which Sourav said, "Yes of-course it's a marathon innings. Rohit has played brilliantly yesterday and the way he bashed out the bowlers showed his class to the world. His current record in ODIs too is highly remarkable and now the time has changed with T20 format. He is a serious player. His one-day record this year is probably the best in the world along side David Warner and Virat Kohli. I expect him to play the same way"

"It was a remarkable innings. He took just 36 balls to convert his century into a double. I was watching the Sri Lankan bowlers and I said Jesus! He just kept sweeping them into the stands. Three double hundreds in one-day cricket," he said.

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He after praising Rohit Sharma for scoring his third ODI double century, but felt "sorry" for the Sri Lankans.

"I feel sorry for the Sri Lankans. Earlier it was (Virender) Sehwag, (Sachin) Tendulkar and now it's (Virat) Kohli and Rohit Sharma," Ganguly said. After which he was said that another person too hit the Lankans in the 1999 World Cup at taunton to which Sourav happily replied "a young Ganguly"

The former India captain said day-night Test cricket is inevitable as the longer version of the game is fighting for survival because of poor turnouts.

Ganguly's comment came after some reports stated that concerned with poor ticket sales especially during the India- Sri Lanka series opener last month at Eden Gardens, the Cricket Association of Bengal (CAB) president has pushed for day-night Test matches at home.

"It is inevitable, it has to happen someday. It is very simple, a pink ball will be used instead of the red cherry and people will come and watch in the evening," Ganguly said on the sidelines of a promotional event.

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"All the double tons and good and will not discriminate among them as I don't want to be in the headlines tomorrow" Sourav added after he was asked about his favourite double ton.

Sourav Ganguly went back to his past and said that the Marathon event reminded him of his school days where his mother would carry a large bag to fill all the small trophies which he would win in various events.

"When I used to play cricket then I used to wake up early to keep my fitness high but now after watching so many people taking part in Marathon has impressed me" Sourav added.

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