Indian team finishes on a high note in the World Archery Championships

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Internet Desk: The women's team of India won the silver medal after losing the finals to Columbia in the 2017 World Archery Championships.

Trisha Deb, Lily Chanu Paonam and Jyothi Surekha Vennam formed the Indian team who lost 228-234 to Sara Lopez, Alejandra Usquiano and Nora Valdez of Columbia who are the world ranked 4th team.

The silver win made India's first ever win in the compound archery category at World Champions and overall it was India's fifth medal at the World stage.

The Colombia team made a perfect shoot of 150 at the stage 3 in the 2013 Archery World Cup.

“I think our hearts are going to jump of our bodies,” said Alejandra.

“It’s a huge happiness to give our country this new medal, a world medal and in such a beautiful country.”

“Although I lost my most wanted medal in individuals, we won this one and I think everything arrives in the right moment, when you deserve it, so this medal is hope for us to be where we used to be,” said Sara Lopez.

“We’re very happy and sure we’ll continue like this in the future.”

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