Find out when East Bengal's star foreigner will arrive in Kolkata

[caption id="attachment_56235" align="aligncenter" width="580"]Katsumi Katsumi is arriving at the City of Joy on October 15. Image Source: twitter[/caption]

Kolkata: Kolkata giant East Bengal club’s star signing Katsumi Yusa will arrive at the City of Joy on October 15 at 00.45 am. The Red & Gold Brigade haven’t won the I-League for more than a decade and the former Mohun Bagan captain’s inclusion in the squad would surely bolster the morale of the side.

The Japanese medio have signed the contract in a one year deal which would allow him to play for the Red and Gold brigade in the forthcoming I-League. Katsumi is the second Asian quota player in the squad beside Mahmoud Al Amna.

Katsumi was the prime target for East Bengal for the last couple of seasons but it had always been “so near, yet so far” for the East Bengal officials. This season it was a desperation from them and eventually they got succeed in signing the quality midfielder.

No doubt, this move by the East Bengal officials could turn out to be a massive one in this season’s I-League. Two game-makers in the form of Al Amna and Katsumi might became a nightmare for a lot of teams.

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