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FIFA U17 World Cup: How did Jeakson Singh react after his inspirational performance?

[caption id="attachment_56108" align="aligncenter" width="580"]DLtq-qQVAAA927u Jeakson Singh scoring the goal against Colombia. | Image: Twitter[/caption]

Suman Chakravorty and Sabyasachi Bagchi, New Delhi: Jeakson’s goal came straight from the drawing board as he outjumped all to head in a perfect curling delivery from Sanjeev Stalin and it helped to write his name on the pages of history, as the goal happened to be the first goal for India ever in the history of a FIFA competition.

After a memorable performance, Jeakson said, "It was a nice experience and I felt on cloud nine when I scored the goal, however we tried our best but were unlucky. It is obviously a great feeling to score for my country in a FIFA World Cup but it would have been sweeter had we won the match. To me in fact it does not even matter as long as we score".

Jeakson's voice seemed frustrated a bot when he uttered, "We deserved a result, and we tried our very best to get it, but in the process we learnt a huge lesson what International Football is all about

Meanwhile, India's most consistent performer in FIFA U17 World Cup Dheeraj Singh took the blame on himself as he said, "Yes I made some good saves, but the goals which I conceded, should have been stopped."Dheeraj also said, "This match will inspire us in the next game when we will play Ghana. Even a draw from this game could have healed the pain somewhat."

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