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FIFA U17 World Cup: Big blow for India ahead facing Ghana

[caption id="attachment_56113" align="aligncenter" width="580"]22407541_1545856005504271_1534356601_n Anwar Ali has suffered an ankle injury last night against Colombia. Image Source: Indian Football Team[/caption]

Suman Chakravorty & Sabyasachi Bagchi,  New Delhi: The Indian U17 Indian football team has faced a huge blow ahead of facing Ghana in their final group game in FIFA U17 World Cup 2017. Their star defender Anwar Ali might miss the most important match against Ghana due to an ankle injury. He got the injury during India’s match against Colombo last night. After returning to the hotel room he used ice packs at the injured area. Today it was seen that he was limping at the hotel lobby and his participation in the last group league match is in serious doubts.

Anwar played really well in the first two matches against USA and Colombia. After getting injured he continued to play with his will power only to help the side. Anwar looked very happy with the team’s performance.” We played really well against Colombia. It will help us to perform well against Ghana in our last group game. The team is ready to take the challenge against Ghana, but I don’t know whether I could play in that game,” said Anwar.

Indian U17 team’s new sensation, goalkeeper Dheeraj Singh thinks their hope of reaching the knock-out rounds is yet not over.”If we play well against Ghana in the last game there is still a possibility of reaching the knock-outs,” said Dheeraj. His father came to meet him at the hotel today ahead of India’s crucial encounter against Ghana.

Dheeraj is playing like a warrior in this FIFA U17 World Cup. According to the sources Germany’s Bundesliga Club Borussia Mönchengladbach is scouting him. They are also keeping their eyes on Jeakson Singh and Amarjith. Yesterday also confirmed that English Premier League’s top side Manchester United is scouting India’s star striker Komal Thatal.

According to Indian U17 football team COO Abhishek Yadav they are hearing this news in media but they haven’t received any official letter regarding this matter. He further added that,” We have to see whether they would get ample chances in the playing XI or not. Looking after all these things we will take our final decision.”

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