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Exclusive | Can't wait to meet my idol Neymar at PSG training: Tim Weah

[caption id="attachment_56103" align="aligncenter" width="580"]Timothy Weah Timothy Weah is the son of legendary Liberian footballer George Weah who won the Ballon d’Or in 1995. Image Source: twitter[/caption]

Suman Chakravorty and Sabyasachi Bagchi, New Delhi: There are not many around the world who has such football legacy in the family. Timothy Weah, commonly known as Tim Weah has already signed for French giant PSG for the forthcoming season. His famous dad George Weah has been known to be the finest footballer in the history of African football. Tim, who has come to represent The USA in the FIFA U17 World Cup spoke to journalist Suman Chakravorty about his journey to become a footballer. Here goes the exclusive interview:

XT: Tim, you are the son of the great George Weah, who was the FIFA Player of the Year in 1995. So what sort of burden of expectations you carry everyday when you play football?

Weah: I just try to play my type of game without thinking much. I try to believe that I'm a simple player who loves to play for the team.

XT: When you were just two years old, you moved to New York and started training over there. I heard that you had to deal with a lot of expectations, because you are the son of great George Weah. So how was the journey?

Weah: When I was younger, it was really hard because I was good but I was a lot younger than the others. I was usually on the bench just watching and I never really got a chance, but the moment I got my chance I really stepped up my game and developed as a player from there.

XT: How has been the experience to play alongside the greats at PSG?

Weah: I have only trained once with a couple of players and it’s just a different world. We make a little bit more mistakes and we do many childish things there and they are really mature, they play with a sense of urgency. Everything is very fast there and just different.

XT: Do you know your famous dad also came in India to play an exhibition match back in 80s. Was there any special tip from your dad when you came over here to play the FIFA U17 World Cup?

Weah: No I didn’t know that he came in India. And he didn’t really tell me much. He just told me to play my natural game. Don’t think about it too much and do everything to help your team to win and just work hard.

XT: Neymar has signed for PSG. Are you excited to meeting him?

Weah: I haven’t met him yet but I hope to meet him soon because he is one of my idol so it would be a dream come true to meet him and also play with him.

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