Kevin Pietersen bats for Test cricket in 6th MAK Pataudi Memorial Lecture

[caption id="attachment_68181" align="alignnone" width="599"] Former England cricketer Kevin Pietersen delivering the 6th MAK Pataudi lecture in Bengaluru on Tuesday. Image Source: Twitter @BCCI[/caption]

Xtra Time WebDesk: Former England batsman Kevin Pietersen on Tuesday batted for Test cricket at the 6th Pataudi Memorial Lecture in Bengaluru. Pietersen became the first overseas cricketer to be selected for the rare honour. According to Pietersen, “ A hard-fought five-day Test match remains the greatest all-round challenge in modern day sport. A challenge as mentally demanding as it is physical. A challenge demanding the very highest levels of concentration of technique, of determination, of stamina, all, for the batsman at least, with no second chances.”

“Having played every form of cricket in every corner of the cricketing globe, I remain 100% convinced that the five-day Test remains the supreme form of the game.”

He added, “This may surprise some of you. After all, I am not known as a traditionalist. But in 2005 I maintained that you shouldn’t judge a man by his haircut. And now, thirteen years later, I suggest you should NOT believe everything you read on Twitter!

“I know I am not the only one here to have been inspired to work harder to practise longer by watching our heroes in white flannels.”

The former England cricketer also had a few suggestions to revive test cricket.

“Five days of action provide so many opportunities. Day night games have demonstrated the enormous leaps that are possible. The IPL doesn’t play its biggest fixtures when many of its staunchest, wealthiest fans are at work. Neither should Test cricket”, said Pietersen in front of an august gathering.

“It will only be by pushing the marketing dial to a maximum that we will see if the Test game has true potential. Let’s make every game count. Push the profile of the world Test championship. Develop marketing opportunities. Offer cheaper seats in the ground to provide a better spectacle for TV viewers.” “Let’s make Test cricket a spectacle. Garnish it with colour and fireworks. Fill the grounds. Play in the evenings. Give the umpires microphones to broadcast to the spectators. Allow sledging – as long as it remains the right side of the line. Communicate better with the fans.”


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