2018 FIFA WC

2018 FIFA WC: Take a look how Cristiano Ronaldo is inspiring the entire Portugal team


[caption id="attachment_68368" align="aligncenter" width="580"] Cristiano Ronaldo scored a hat-trick against Spain in Portugal's last game. Image Source: twitter[/caption]

Anilava Chatterjee, Moscow: It took one hand half hours for me to reach Kratovo from Moscow. This is a small town beside Moscow. I had to go inside a village to find the ground. It’s called Satarn base camp. This place is less in population. If you try to take pictures security personals will rush at you to stop taking it. One can see Russian police with sniffer dogs. The reason is this is the place where Cristiano Ronaldo and his Portugal team are doing their base camp.

Entering the ground I saw the pictures of Pepe, Ronaldo and other players. Just beside those, the practice session was going on on a giant screen. After entering the place I saw the press-conference room. Today Adrian came for the press-conference. The majority of the questions were about Cristiano Ronaldo. Adrian told,” Sharing the dressing room with him is an extra motivation for us. He is a born leader. He always tries to play better. He always speaks about it. Now we want to forget the Spain match and want to concentrate on Morocco game.”

The question which was inevitable finally came in front of Adrian. Is this team heavily depending on Ronaldo? Adrian replied,” If you have a player like Cristiano you will definitely depending on him. He is not only a player of Portugal but also the heart of the team.” The reporter of Portuguese news paper A Bola Zaruasvej was saying,” There is a special plant in Portugal which suck all the water from the ground. Ronaldo is just like that tree. Wherever he stays he hogs all the limelight.”

The practice had already started in the ground. The players were warming up with the ball. The reporters got first 15 minutes to cover the session. Cristiano Ronaldo was seen doing practice with a small group of players with that same old aggression. He is the only player who can change everything on his own.  He is the player for whom thousands of fans pray day and night. He is the player who can sell his Ballon d'Or without any hesitation to stand beside the disaster affected people of Nepal, Santiago and Gaza. There was a controversy on why he turned around during the nation’s national anthem. The answer was revealed at the base camp of Portugal. The reason was Ronaldo was looking at the flag of the nation. His patriotism for the nation is extraordinary which helps him to win the matches for his team.

You can see Portugal’s mission written in the whole base camp. “Conquer Your Dream”. Portugal has started the journey of accomplishing their dream. The leader who is leading the team in the World Cup has already shown the World that he can win a trophy for the nation.

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