2018 FIFA WC

2018 FIFA WC: OMG! Brazil- Argentina face-off at St. Petersburg

Anilava Chatterjee, St. Petersburg: 11 years school life has come to an end and for that the last day should be a lot of fun. The local people of St. Petersburg call it Scarlet Sails. After the Second World War this was one of the biggest festivals of Leningrad. With each day passed by the glory of the festival has gone high and high. The idea came in the mind of the administrators of Leningrad back in 1922 after they saw the novel of Alexander Green named ‘Scarlet Sails’ which was for children. The festival started that time and it is still going on now.  As the guest they call local students who just have ended their career in school. Not only that but the students of other cities called upon as well. This year the number was more than 80 thousand. On the soil of St. Petersburg this is called one of the biggest festivals of all time. The festival took place here last night on June 23. In the evening I saw lakhs of people going to the Nevosky Prospect. As per sources the number of the visitors was 30 lakhs.

It looked beautiful during this festival. Beside the canal one can see decorated buildings everywhere. I was spellbound after watching those architectures.  The good thing is the current generation is protecting these things which are very good. The place looked stunning from the evening. People across the world have come to Russia for the World Cup and most of them were present at the Nevosky Prospect. It was a magical evening as Cathedral of our Lady of Kazan was lit up. The speed boats went fast through Gribdov canal. Small Fontanka River is there as well. The cannels met together. There are various beautiful architectures all around. At the Scarlet Sails a ship full of red flags stand on the Neva River.

Eleven ships contests there together. After that everyone can see the fireworks as well.  The sky looks beautiful during those fireworks. With that the water of the canal looked very much colorful as well. The match between Germany and Sweden ended just a few moments back. If you walk for sometime from Nevosky Prospect you will reach at the fan feast. After Germany won the game at the last minute against Sweden the German fans started their celebration as well. Who says Germans can't celebrate in style?

But, the Chao Chao Messi slogan is still there which means; go back Messi. The Brazilian fans haven’t left St. Petersburg as yet. Brazil will play their next match in 27th June at Moscow. The Mexican supporters also chanted the same with the Brazilians. Meanwhile, a few Argentine fans also started to come to St. Petersburg as Argentina will face Nigeria on June 26. Argentine and Brazilian fans faced- off at the fan feast and there was a chance of some chaos. At last the local police authority had to intervene and they sent all the supporters out of the park.

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