2018 FIFA WC

2018 FIFA WC: Mexico takes over Moscow by knocking out Brazil and Germany fans

[caption id="attachment_68432" align="aligncenter" width="580"] Fan feast going on in Mexico. Image Source: XtraTime[/caption]

Anilava Chatterjee, Moscow: Suddenly I met Vicky in the Metro. He was going to Moscow central with a drum on his shoulder. He told me,” Come with me, we have a performance there in a Brazilian café.” Vicky is the member of Moscow Samba Group. During the match between Argentina and Iceland this group had rocked the place outside Spartak Stadium with Samba dance and songs. But unfortunately the Argentine's didn’t show much interest in Samba that much and due to that reason the group was a bit demoralized too.  For that reason they didn’t take much chance during the Brazil vs Switzerland game.  They started their performance at the Red Square. At first the Brazilian were seen in the mood of dance but suddenly they lost their charm just after Switzerland equalized against Brazil. I saw the same thing at the fan feast as well. The Moscow fan feast is going on near Luzhniki Stadium. Behind three huge screens one can see the huge architecture of Lomonosov Moscow State University. It is Moscow’s one of the renowned heritage building. The various colour shades have made the place more fascinating.

The Brazilians were looking at the screens anxiously. With each minute passed by the anxiety had grown more and more. But at last the Brazilians left the fan park with a heavy heart.

But there were enough arrangements made for the celebration. The Samba Group was ready, the Brazilians were ready too. The football fans who came to that place across the world were ready, but Neymar & co left them with disappointment. Surprisingly in their place, the Mexicans took the charge. I saw the Mexican fans everywhere in metro, pub, fan feast. They were looking fabulous wearing various caps, their dance steps were remarkable as well. In the subway I could only here one shout Mehiko- Mehiko. The whole place looked lush green. I didn't see any supporters of Brazil or Germany. I saw a few of them here and there at the fan feast. The match between Brazil and Switzerland was already over that time. I saw some Mexican supporters playing drums in front of a giant screen and dancing on the beat. Can you imagine the scenario? Mexican fans were celebrating after Brazil game in their own den. The Brazilians didn't say anything to them at all. A few were seen singing the songs with some Argentinian supporters. I was surprised to see that what a person can do when he is in pain. At the the local police authority came there and get them out of that place. But is this really the end? Again the Mexican people came out on the streets of Moscow and shouted in joy "Mexico-Mexico".

Lomonosov State University has started it's journey from 1955. That means it is 263 years old. It is in news that the library of this University has 90 lakhs books. Almost 40 thousand students are doing their study here. It looks fabulous from the Luzniki Stadium. When all the lights of the fan feast were extinguished the Lomonosov University was looking like an angel under the lights from far. And in that place a few were seen singing. I saw their jerseys. It was green. Moscow is now taken over by Mexico.

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