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2018 FIFA WC: Find out who has the best chance to top the group - England or Belgium?

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England faces Belgium in the most anticipated match of Group G as both teams coming into the game with the equal number of wins, the number of goals scored and also the equal number of goals conceded (2 wins, 8 goals, 2 goals conceded).

This develops an interesting scenario as the tie-breaker in these situations is fair play, which means that in case of a draw, the team with the least amount of yellow/red cards tops the other. England currently holds the advantage in that department. We could even see the rare drawing of the lots. That’ll happen if both squads end up tied in yellow/red cards as well. It’s something to watch in the background what would be a fascinating encounter.

England and Belgium took full advantage of a comparatively lenient group as both teams scored 8 goals in 2 games. With their respective poachers Harry Kane and Romelu Lukaku, bagged a combined number of 9 goals in the group stage itself.

Hazard, Lukaku, Mertens and De Bruyne are probably the most dangerous quartet in Russia. The four of them have so much talent combined that’s difficult to imagine how a team can prevent them from getting points on the scoreboard. England will give it a go.

Another amusing aspect of this contest is Roberto Martinez and Gareth Southgate employing the same three-defenders, two-wing back tactic. The difference is Kevin De Bruyne. He’s a player who makes this tactic click on all cylinders and a player that the Three Lions don’t have.

A lot depends on how the managers approach this fixture, considering both teams have qualified for the next phase of the competition, it doesn’t really matter which opponent from Group H they get to play against. If they opt to rest, then we could see a relaxed, pass-heavy contest without too much offensive commitment and several new names inserted into the starting lineups. If they opt to measure their strengths, then we could see an exhilarating football affair between two teams fighting for Group G supremacy.


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