2018 FIFA WC

2018 FIFA WC: The famous Jules Rimet Cup arrives in Russia along with the World Cup

Anilava Chatterjee, Moscow: We all know that Jules Rimet Cup was stolen from Brazil’s museum back in 1983. It was searched all over the world but unfortunately nobody could find it. Suddenly a document was at FIFA’s museum in Zurich. The football researchers of the parent body of World football discovered this. The idea came in their mind after having a look at picture of Jules Rimet Cup. They noticed that the Cup which was given to Uruguay in 1930 and the Cup given to West Germany in 1954 has two different base plates. The Cup which was given to Germany has a bigger plate.

After some research it was revealed that the West German Football Federation urged FIFA to increase the length of the base plate as there was no place of writing their name in the old plate. After knowing it FIFA increased the length of the plate. When the researchers saw the two pictures they started their investigation to find the old plate as it has had a rich historical value. At last they found it at the basement of FIFA’s office. It was unnoticed by everyone before that. With that they built the replica of Jules Rimet Trophy which is now kept at FIFA’s museum in Zurich for the football enthusiasts.

Now ahead of the biggest carnival of World football the FIFA officials have brought that to Moscow. Here at the Hyundai Motor Studio FIFA has built a museum. The football fans can see this remarkable exhibition if they come to Moscow during the World Cup. From the ball of 1930 World Cup to match jerseys, you can find everything here. The museum has the jersey of legendary Lev Yashin, Pele as well as the gallery of Zinedine Zidane and others. The stadium will also feature the 64 match balls of this edition of the World Cup. After each game each match ball will be kept here. Beside you will get a message board here where you can write messages to your favourite footballers. One can write messages to Cristiano Ronaldo, Lionel Messi, Neymar and others. On the very first day today I saw a few football enthusiasts who have come to the museum to watch these things. The Editorial Manager of FIFA’s Museum department Andre Alsh is present here. On being asked about the mater, he said,” Those who can’t go to Zurich will get a huge opportunity here. This can be a virtual tour for them to FIFA’s museum. We have brought everything about football in Moscow.”

I have seen a few flags weaving of various nations in Moscow, a couple of selfie zones and a bunch of football fans across the world. But shockingly I didn’t see any fans from Brazil, Argentina and England. And Russia? Surprisingly the host nation has no energy ahead of the grand event. The last moment work is still going across the city. At some places I see the work going at the zebra crossing and artificial gardens are being built at the vacant places. Currently cold wave is going on in Russia. The locals have said that this has happened due to heavy rain. At night the temperature reaches 4 or 5 degrees. Beside that the weather is not good and the wind is too heavy as well. Though the good news is that finally sun came out today in Moscow and for that reason a lot of people came at the Red Square. The FIFA will organize a Fan Feast here. Already a big stage and gallery has been built here. In next few days time the St. Basil’s Cathedral and Kremlin will look more attractive to the tourists. Removing all the architecture, sculpture and history the Red Square will become yellow, green, blue and white.

It feels a bit saddened when this event arrives in every four years. Had we been there as well with our famous tri-colour! Had there been an Indian flag among these flags. At the FIFA Museum a worker asked me to write good wish on the message board. I wrote, we Indians are the sleeping giants of World football and we are coming soon to be a part of the biggest carnival of football. Yes, while covering the World Cup what better can I wish for. Thousand of Russian people who used to visit the Red Square during the New Years Eve believe one thing. The President of Russia addresses the nation on that day from Kremlin and sends good wish to the people of the nation. And when the 12 o clock’s bell rings at St. Basil’s Cathedral, the Russian people write their wish on a paper and then they burn it and drink the ashes with Vodka. They think that if they complete the ritual in those 12 bells their wish will become true. Though it’s a belief of the local people, but as we know from the belief we get the power of fulfilling the will.

We believe that we will wave our national flag at the grand stage of World Cup one day, but the problem is we are stating that India is the ‘Sleeping Giant’ for a long period of time. The thing is after 12 bells at the end of the night morning come again but we are still sleeping. Andre Alsh of FIFA museum said that they recently organized India Day at their museum in Zurich. An exhibition on Indian football was held there. Believe me I desperately want to tell everyone that not only in past but also we want be here at present in the World Cup.

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