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2018 FIFA WC: Clash of Titans! Portugal all set to face Spain for the battle of supremacy

Anilava Chatterjee, Sochi: Do you still remember the post match press-conference of Spain which has been regarded as immortal to the football world? Vicente Rodríguez used to play for Spain during the early part of the last decade. His side lost to Portugal in 2004 in the Euro Cup. At the press-conference a reporter asked what went wrong their? Vincent replied,” It’s nothing new. Have you forgotten that we are Spain? What more you expect from us? That press-conference of Vicente rocked the football fraternity on that time. Today same thing can be said about the pre-match press-conference of Spain’s newly appointed head coach Fernando Hierro and captain Sergio Ramos. It can be regarded as the milestone of Spanish football. If you think what had happened 14 years back was the surrender of Spanish football, today’s press-conference can be termed as the rise and turnaround of Spanish football.

[caption id="attachment_68257" align="aligncenter" width="580"] Fernando Hierro and Sergio Ramos during Spain's pre-match press conference. Image Source: XtraTime[/caption]

And if the captain’s armband is on the hand of a player like Sergio Ramos one can epic moments without know it before. At Spain’s press-conference today there was no seat left as everyone was eager to know what the coach and captain would say? And that’s quite natural. A storm has gone through Spanish team management in last 48 hours time regarding coach sacking controversy and the world wants to know what will happen next.

On a moment Ramos finally broke his silence and said,” I feel like you have come to a funeral. Believe me, I want to left this place right now. But beside that I am also thinking that tomorrow we will star our journey in the World Cup. I just want to say to all of you that what has happened has happened. We can’t do anything about it. Only one thing we can do that forget the past and move forward.”

Hierro was sitting there beside Ramos. On being asked whether he is thinking of playing the final tomorrow, Hierro said,” Yes tomorrow is a final to us. We have to win three more finals as well.” Ramos has been in these kinds of situations many times played like a warrior for his side as well. He said,” At this moment we didn’t have any other option except Hierro. He knows this team very well but we don’t have any time to implement new things in this squad. Whatever we have dreamt of last two years, he has to take it forward from here.” That’s why Hierro is saying whatever is undone by former coach Julen Lopetegui he will try to complete the work. He doesn’t any way left beside that. Ramos knows Portuguese sensation Cristiano Ronaldo more than anyone else as they both play for Real Madrid. On being asked about CR7; Ramos replied,” He is in top form and we have to give special attention to him, but my team is ready to stop Cristiano.” Ramos looked a bit defensive while ansering about Mohamed Salah’s incident.”Look anyone can say anything about me, but believe me at the end of the day I sleep well at night.”

Portugal did their practice session before Spain’s arrival. The whole team looked a bit serious. The media got only 15 minutes to cover their practice. In that time I saw they were doing some situation practice at the attacking third. Crosses were coming from both the sides of the ground and Ronaldo and other footballers were seen heading the ball. On the other hand the Spanish team looked in lighter mood, one can say they were trying to forget the immense pressure which is on them.

This Olympic Park in Sochi is really very beautiful. Earlier it had hosted Winter Olympics as well back in 2014. Now the place is looked brighter and more attractive ahead of the World Cup. The authority has changed the Olympic village to hotels. Supporters across the World are coming here to stay. The Spanish and Portuguese supporters have already gathered here for the high voltage match. Beside that one can see the sea beach and Black Sea. Whatever happens in this match it will remain as a great match in football history. I am sure about it and I think you too.

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