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Ritwik sharma's Blog:Believe it or not, the most useful extra-curricular activity any Indian teen and kids can have is martial arts training. Here are some reasons why:
Boasts immunity, strength, stamina, flexibility, movement coordination as it activates the entire muscular system.

  • Besides its endless contribution to physical fitness, martial arts have countless advantages for mental health and spiritual well-being.

  • Martial art is vital to enhance concentration which in turn will unlock your potential to excel beyond your boundaries.

  • Prevents overweighing.

Now you would think that why I shall not learn yoga as it has similar advantages. The primary disadvantage behind performing yoga is that yoga does not teach us defense techniques whereas that requirement is being fulfilled by martial arts. Apart from this martial art helps us to discover our hidden potential which yoga does not allow…it has its own fixed principle. At this moment you would be keen to know which particular martial arts to enroll for to bring out the most out of yourself. Well, according to some research analysis only a couple of them such as taekwondo and karate are the most successful martial arts for teens and kids in India.

For Indian women, they must master the skills of martial arts as they can defend themselves from sexual assaults, rapes, embarrassment etc. as the numbers continue to increase in modern era.

Before jumping into details of advantages of martial arts for students, let me reveal the fact which 90% of the people don’t know yet that the aggressive movements of martial arts also helps to reduce blood pressure and heart rate in case of adults.

Now let’s get into more details about advantages of mastering martial arts:

  • Adaptation of healthy eating habits

Martial arts encourages eating clean as it requires energy to do so. Moreover through physical exercise and proper breathing the body releases endorphins which makes human body  more resistive to pain than others. It also enhances cognitive developments in kids.

  • Self-confidence

As martial arts requires a lot of patience to master all techniques (in some cases perhaps a decade) so it helps us to gain confidence. Confidence is one of the crucial things a human soul must possess to success in life.

  • Controls body weight

In a world where obesity is on the rising trend of students’ aged between 13-21 years old it is one of the primary causes for cancer, diabetes and heart associated diseases. Martial arts involve rigorous exercise programs like kick boxing, punches, slapping, knee strike, grappling etc.

  • Teaches moral values

The real importance of martial arts and the one makes it stand out from the crowd of similar skills is that, it teaches moral values during its training. Without moral values I believe an individual will get stuck in life after a certain period of time. Inculcating moral values are more important than merely scoring fair grades in academics.

  • Patience

Eminent scientists had this one thing in them that made them great achievers in their lives. After innumerable failures success is achieved in this sport therefore this art is based on only one principle: Nevertheless of any number of failures we must try hard until our goal is achieved. Since it requires a lot of time to master the skills of martial arts, value of patience in life is instilled in young minds.

  • Concentration

Activities like doing martial arts can help improve concentration. A research conducted in 1994 says that martial arts can improve focus as it involves hitting in a particular subject. The kicking, boxing, punching is done on a set target which if not accomplished then that person is considered to be disqualified immaterial of the amount of power he/she uses to do it.

  • Discipline

       Martial arts are a discipline strict activity. One has to be cautious while doing this art because if one hits his opponent severely he/she can be disqualified from an event. Thus the importance                   of discipline is instilled in young boys and girls at tender age.

In fact martial arts are spreading as fast as wild fire in woods in India because of the stated above benefits. For instance in my locality only, where six months ago there was no karate class held at all but eventually one by one a couple of them classes got started.  That was in a metropolitan city like Kolkata, but as I did quick research in burdhwan, a major town in West Bengal myself came to know that to learn taekwondo was a dream for most residents of this city a year ago. Currently there are more than seven such institutions where classes have initiated.

All in all martial arts takes us forward in every aspect of our life, be it academics, physical fitness or as simple as being in a relationship.

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