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2018 FIFA WC: Why the security measures in Russia will set a new bar in world sports?

[caption id="attachment_67394" align="aligncenter" width="580"] security measures in Russia will set a new bar in world sports[/caption]

XtraTime Web Desk: Like the other aspects, FIFA World Cup 2018 in Russia will be remembered for his advanced security measures as well.

Advanced security measures will be introduced in Russia on Friday ahead of the upcoming FIFA World Cup, to be held from June 14 to July 15.

A presidential decree from May 10, 2017 stipulates that increased security measures will be put into place in cities hosting World Cup infrastructure facilities. This will also include surrounding waterways and coastlines.

The new measures include restrictions of access to controlled areas in and around World Cup facilities, including hotels and base camps where the players participating in the tournament will live. There will also be some road closures in the host cities and increased safety measures during public events not connected to the World Cup.

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