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2018 FIFA WC: What is Russia doing to keep hooligans away from venues?


XtraTime Web Desk: FIFA World Cup in Russia is knocking the door as it is just a month away. Ahead of that the Argentine Security Minister Patricia Bullrich and the ambassador of Russia in Argentina have signed an agreement to stop hooligans of South America to reach Russia for the World Cup who are well known for their destructive nature.

The signing of the agreement was made in the Ministry of Security before several officials on Friday, representatives of the security agencies and the Argentina Football Association, reports Efe.

"We have an excellent cooperation with Argentina in the sphere of security, (and) now we sign a very important protocol on security issues during the Cup. By this protocol I believe that we can avoid, or at least diminish, the violence on the courts", Koronelli said at a press conference.

"In Russia, there is always a concern for security issues, I have no doubt that from the point of view of the organization of security this is going to be the best World Cup in the history of football, but we greatly appreciate the cooperation of all countries that support us," he added.

Bullrich gave Koronelli data on some 3,000 Argentine fans who are banned from entering the local stadiums due to acts of violence and are also banned from entering World Cup matches.

However, he revealed that his priority is to prevent them from leaving the country.

"It's something concrete and practical, there are also five members of the security forces of Argentina who are going to be at the strategic control centre during the World Cup, they will be able to give directives on who are the people who cannot enter," Bullrich said.

"We are a country of football, we want football (matches) to be place(s) of peace and tranquillity," he concluded.

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