2018 FIFA WC: Bangladesh and Pakistan are also there in the grand event. Find out how?

[caption id="attachment_67394" align="aligncenter" width="580"] Bangladesh making jackets for players while Pakistan producing the balls[/caption]

XtraTime Web Desk: Bangladesh never played in the  FIFA World Cup but this year they manufactured the jackets of the footballers. The 179 ranked country have a huge fanbase of football divided between two nations Argentina and Brazil.

Bangladesh is the second largest garment exporter worldwide after China; it has little presence in the global sportswear market worth $270 billion.

Karnafuli Shoe Industries Deputy General Manager (Administration & Security) Squadron Leader (Retd) Md. Shamsur Rahman said, "Bangladesh is not in the World Cup. But many football teams from the World Cup will wear ready-made clothing here; it's a lot of pride. That garment has made our company. When our workers see it, they will also like it.

The official ball for 2018 FIFA World Cup named Telstar 18 being made on the outskirts of northeastern Sialkot city, in Pakistan.  Workers at a local sports company - which is a contracting manufacturer of global sports brand Adidas - are working extra hours to ensure on-time delivery of the footballs.

The city, which borders India, has been famous for producing finest quality sports goods and has been supplying footballs for mega events for a long time.

Forward Sports, which also makes footballs for the German Bundesliga, France Ligue 1 and the Champions League, was also the official football provider of 2014 World Cup in Brazil.

Pakistan's famous footballs will be used in the World Cup matches, making over 200 million Pakistanis feel their presence in the event.

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