The latest FIFA Rankings are out, what is India's current position?

[caption id="attachment_64671" align="aligncenter" width="580"]India promoted to the 97th spot in FIFA ranking India promoted to the 97th spot in FIFA ranking[/caption]

XtraTime Web Desk: India gains two spots in the FIFA Rankings as they moved up to the 97th spot. Previously on 99th, India still managed to move two places up to 97th due to a period of good results. India has accumulated 15 points during this period which brings their total to 354.

Germany remaining top – despite a draw and defeat in March – Belgium climbing onto the podium (third, plus two) following a thumping 4-0 win over Saudi Arabia and Tunisia (14th, plus nine) and Uruguay (17th, plus five) jumping up the table after both recording a pair of friendly victories in March. The Eagles of Carthage, for their efforts, reached their best-ever ranking.

The amount of games last month was partly down to a glut of friendly fixtures, but there was also competitive action, with qualifiers for the AFC Asian Cup making up 13 of those 133 matches. As a result, some lower-ranked Asian teams saw a remarkable upturn in fortunes. Kyrgyz Republic (75th, plus 40) stole the show on the world’s most populous continent this month, qualifying for their inaugural Asian Cup after defeating Myanmar and leaping up the latest ranking as a result. Elsewhere in Asia, Oman (87th, plus 16), Chinese Taipei (121, plus 13) and the Philippines (113th, plus nine), leapt up the table, partly as a consequence of positive results in Asian Cup qualifying.

There were also best-ever positions for the newest FIFA Member Associations, with Kosovo’s pair of friendly victories over Madagascar and Burkina Faso seeing them leap 24 places to 152nd, while Gibraltar’s 1-0 win over Latvia saw them jump ten spots to 196th.


Germany (unchanged)


Biggest move by points

Kyrgyz Republic (plus 142 points)


Biggest move by ranks

Kyrgyz Republic (up 40 ranks)


Biggest drop by points

Bulgaria (minus 132 points)


Biggest drop by ranks

Haiti (minus 23 ranks)


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