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Vijay D'Costa: Football! This word in itself has such a brilliant force of attraction that it kind of creates a fascination for People watching around the world. The ways footballers perform various tricks, score wonderful goals,

and improvise their play to move ahead of their opponents are some of the many things that happen in

Football. I for instance, enjoy the beautiful game of Premier League Football.

The kind of football that is played in the Premier League has always captivated me. The demands of the

Football game that is on the players of the clubs along with the Managers, gives a totally different feel

towards the game. The kind of money that is pumped into the Premier League is far off than the Other

Leagues around the Globe which is a major factor as to why the Clubs in the Premier League have got a

pulling factor for the best players around the Globe. There are so many Global Super House Teams in

the Premier League including the likes of Manchester United FC, Chelsea FC, Liverpool FC, Manchester

City FC and Arsenal FC to name a few. Every year these teams compete for the title of being the best in

the Premier League along with being the best in the Champions League which in itself is the biggest Club

Football Competition in the Globe.

The Major factor why the Premier League is superior to other leagues is the fact that any team can

spring up a surprise and can on their day, defeat the so called BIG SIX Clubs in the League. The talent

that has come to the League has expanded and there are star attractions all around the clubs. The other

factor is that the Aggression in the Premier League is way superior to any other Leagues in the Globe as

the Players will always be on the opponents faces and a hard tackle here and there is just a sight that

one sees more often than not in the Premier League. This helps a player, especially a foreign player, to

become an even better and physically and mentally readied player. This kind of challenge has either

brought the Best Players to the World or has made the so called talented lot of players look like just

some players.

The Premier League is also one of the most watched sports league in the Globe. The way all the clubs

pursue the Premier League is a fascination to watch. Taking the 2015-2016 season, nobody believed

when Leicester City which was considered favorites to be in the 2 nd Division of the English football after

the end of the Season, actually went on to eventually win the Premier League Title during the 2015-2016

Season. Such curiosity and Vividness is rarely found in other Top Leagues in the World wherein there are

only a handful of Top Clubs which win their Domestic Competitions every Season. But in the Premier

League, everything is unpredictable which is the main reason why as Quoted, “I LOVE THIS GAME”.

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