Sourav Ganguly hits an over boundary on IPL ticket controversy

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Kolkata: A couple of days back Cricket Association of Bengal’s former Treasurer Biswarup Dey raised questions regarding distribution of complimentary tickets during the Indian Premier League or international matches. After that on Wednesday, in a letter CAB President Sourav Ganguly took a dig at Biswarup and denied all the allegations.

Earlier on Tuesday, Biswarup claimed that,” There are a lot of people who don’t visit CAB on regular basis, but one can see them at the Club House during the IPL or international matches. There are a lot of fuss in the distribution of the complimentary tickets which is not good for the association.” Beside that he further added,” Some greedy people always get complimentary tickets from CAB during IPL and only for them the former and current Bengal cricketers as well as the officials don’t get the complimentary tickets. I think those people are getting a lot of backing from a top official.” Now here anyone can understand, Biswarup is talking about whom.

After knowing this, CAB President Sourav Ganguly couldn’t stop himself as he wrote a letter to all the 121 affiliates regarding this matter. “There has been a press conference held by Sri Biswarup Dey about the distribution of complimentary tickets to the members of Cricket Association of Bengal. He has challenged the transparency of distribution of complimentary tickets during the IPL,” said Sourav in the letter.

In his cricketing career Sourav achieved a lot as a player as well as the captain of the team. He always has been regarded as one of the best captains that the nation ever have. After knowing about the fact he was hurt from inside as someone is trying to put dirt on his image.” I have spent my entire cricketing life in utmost honest and credible manner and therefore I am refraining myself from distribution of any further complimentary tickets till I receive written assurance from all 121 affiliates that the system of distribution of complimentary tickets so far has been transparent and done in the most responsible manner,” added Ganguly.

Notably, Biswarup’s name is also there in the list of affiliates. He had signed on his registered number 67 and took the ‘complimentary tickets’ for his Central Calcutta Club. On being asked about why he had taken the tickets, Biswarup said,” I need complimentary tickets to run my club and if I need to sign again for the complimentary tickets, I will do the same thing again.”  Though the close once of Sourav are really very angry with Biswarup. Ground Secretary Debabrata Das said,” All the allegations made by Biswarup are false and he is doing this only to get publicity. If he has any complain regarding complimentary tickets distribution, why he has taken the tickets?.”

Here you can see the letter of CAB President Sourav Ganguly

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