FIFA World Cup: Becoming one of greatest Brazilian Football Fan-Leo P O (IISWBM)

IMG-20180412-WA0185It was then when I was 8 years old, I started to grow interest on football, and I would often watch most the matches from home after school. It was in 2002, the season of FIFA world cup yet again bloomed, which was about to be held in Korea. Even though I wouldn’t know which was the better/best team I happened to select some teams on the field as my favorite, depending on my instinctive judgements. On the very first experience of watching a match, I noticed a team which was wearing a yellow jersey and they were consistent on winning all the matches which drew all my attention, it was definitely The Brazilian team. Gradually, it was the day of much awaited finals between the Mighty Germans and the Samba Kings Brazilians. My attention already swapped away by flashlights in celebration of the closing ceremony. Finally the kick off begin where me and my uncle watching the match breathlessly by the way Brazil furiously attacking the Germans. Oliver Kahn(German G.K) with his great saves was the best player of the match. My parents later joined me to watch the match. All of my family were cheering for Brazil to win the world cup. In heated midst of the match, I surprisingly asked my parents why India is not playing in the World cup then my dad with a sarcastic smile replied that India won’t be able to compete against Brazil. He continued, even if India had 11 goalkeepers in the game, Brazil would still be able to score and win the game. After listening to my father, my faith of Brazil winning the world cup grew bigger.
The kick-off for the 2nd half started and both the teams started really well. Eventually after a long battle between the two, Brazil made the breakthrough of the 1st goal in 67th minute, Oliver Kahn couldn’t hold up the powerful shoot from Rivaldo, where Ronaldo strike to the goal from a rebound. As their confident grew the Brazilian againin 79th minute scored the winning goal giving Brazil a huge lead. I was really in the awe of Ronaldo. That goal which he executed with beautiful finish, where only a top class striker like Ronaldo, was capable of such.
Brazil finally won the match 2-0 & with that the 2002 FIFAWorld Cup which was their 5th World Cup. They even held the record for winning all the matches during the tournament. Post-match, I heard the sound of crackers and fireworks in my neighborhood. I ran towards the front door of the house to witness it. Everyone in the neighborhood as well as my family started celebrating the victory of Brazil. People were dancing, signing, while holding Brazil’s flag in their hand. Many were influenced with the hair cut of the Legend Ronaldo. Since, that day I pledged myself to be a faithful fan of Brazil football team and Ronaldinho of course my favorite player.
Never have I witnessed such a magical moment as that day.

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