ECB's proposal on new format will astonish the fans. Find out how?


XtraTime Web Desk: England’s cricket team captain Joe Root has welcomed England Cricket Board’s (ECB) decision of introduction of a new format of cricket from 2020 and feels that it will bring a “completely new audience".

This was introduced by ECB last week, where each side will get 100-balls. There will 15 six-ball overs and a ten-ball over. It is in news that the board was thinking of removing lbw in this format and would allow more than one bowler to bowl the ten-ball over.

After knowing this there was a lot of buzz around social media and cricketers gave their reactions regarding this matter. England cricketers Eoin Morgan and Stuart Broad heaped praise about ECB’s decision. Beside them England skipper Eoin Morgan too supported the concept.

And while Root accepts that players and administrators will have to "find ways to look after the longer versions of the game", he felt the opportunity of attracting a new fans to the game justified the creation of another format.

"It's going to appeal to a completely new audience, and I think that's great," Root told the Sheffield Star. "The more people and kids we can get into sport, the better.

"We've got to be very careful that we don't measure it against the other formats. It's something to gather a new audience and gain interest, not a threat to the other formats. As players, working with the ICC, we've got to make sure the other formats don't suffer but it has a place in the game, and hopefully we'll see that over time.

"There will be people that compare it to Twenty20 and worry that it might take away interest from Test cricket, but it's important to remember that it will bring new people to the game.

"It might be someone who didn't know much about the game before, comes to a game and then goes on to watch a Test match and get immersed in that. That's the way I'd like to look at it. But, as I say, the most important thing is that we find ways to look after the longer versions of the game, whether that's T20 - although it's hard to see that as a 'longer format' - one-day internationals or Test cricket."

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