Champions train hard, Beer retains them Fast

Nilay Sharma: A Wise man once said, “Beer makes everything better”, But not in the sporting world as the alcohol doesn’t go well with the image of athletes.BUT, what if I say that beer has made its way into the sporting world and more importantly loved and consumed by the athletes all over the world??

We have often seen athletes drinking Gatorade and other energy drinks after a strenuous training to recover.Well, guess what, now you can enhance your fitness level by drinking beer and even bring medals and accolades for your country.

As a matter of fact, Germany has already proved that in 2018 winter Olympic games where the Germans bagged a total of 31 medals with 14 gold, 10silver and 7 bronze claiming the second spot in the medals tally. German Olympians got 1000 Gallons of non-alcoholic beer shipped to Pyeongchang, South Korea.

Being marked as Germany's sports drink, With the advent and recognition of the Non-alcoholic beer, researchers and the sports doctors have believed that the non-alcoholic beer helps the athletes to recover faster which then lets them train even harder.


“It’s not mandatory to have a non-alcoholic beer- if you don’t mind missing out on buzz, it tastes good, and it’s good for the body”, said Linus Strasser, German alpine skier.With the help of non-alcoholic beer which contains polyphenols, the athletes battle their fatigue and exertion easily, keeping them fresh and rejuvenated for the next training session.Right nutrition after training or celebration after winning!! you can count on the beer any time.


After 2009 Munich Marathon,  Dr. Johannes Scherr tested the non-alcoholic beer on the marathon runners and proved that the beer strengthens the immune system which is weakened by physical stress and also prevents the system from over-performing. It would not be wrong to say that the Germans just need a reason to have their favorite drink- ‘beer’!

On the flip side, many sporting nations are unaware of the facts that non-alcoholic beer exists. Hopefully, after 2018 Olympics, the other nations deprived of this magnificient invention will have a closer look at this beer and will surely give their players another motivation to work hard on the field. Will you run for Beer? Or Free beer after training? Why not.

Besides winter games, marathons and triathlons, the Non-alcoholic beer still needs to find its mark in other sports discipline such as Football, Rugby, Basketball, cricket etc. where the Non-alcoholic beer breweries will have a fair and heavy chance of promoting, advertising and merchandising in the world sporting events.Als,o Fitness oriented players like CR7 and Virat kohli won’t have a problem in promoting this beverage as it is neither pepsi nor coca-cola, it’s a non-alcoholic beer and be it young, old, male, female, it can be consumed by all and loved by most of them !!

So Basically Beer has come out as the solution of all the problems- Bad day at the office? have a beer. Saturday night plans?have a beer.  Played hard? Have a beer. Drained your body? Have a beer.  Won a medal?have a beer. Won the world cup?Have a beer. Selected as the president?Have a beer. Liked this Blog? Have a beer.




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