What does Saurav Ghoshal think about Dinesh Karthik's 'x-factor' as captain?

[caption id="attachment_63805" align="aligncenter" width="580"]4016eb1a-bbd4-4d20-851d-d348776e991a Squash player Saurav Ghoshal spoke about new KKR skipper Dinesh Karthik[/caption]

XtraTime Web Desk: India's Squash ace Saurav Ghoshal is perhaps the happiest man in Kolkata after listening to the news that Dinesh Karthik is now the new captain of KKR for the forthcoming season. Saurav recently got married to Karthik's wife Deepika Pallikal's sister and they are now relatives.

During the programme where KKR unveiled Karthik as their new skipper, DK termed Saurav as a 'close buddy'. In reaction to that, Saurav told , "Yeah, In fact we were discussing about it last night only and I told him that welcome to my city. Yes, he is a great friend."

Saurav has been a big fan of KKR and has been following KKR intensely since the first season. He was saying, "It was a great journey. It wasn't a successful beginning for them but they fought hard. Gambhir did a remarkable job in his tenure and I'm sure that Karthik has all the qualities to excel as a good captain."

Saurav also reveals the "x-factor" behind Karthik's chances of becoming a successful skipper. He said, "When Gambhir was the captain he not only gav us two titles, but also played some remarkable innings for our favourite team. Different captains have different styles. Like Ganguly was different than Kohli, Kohli is different from Gambhir. So Karthik too has his own style." He added, "Karthik is a fun loving guy, the biggest thing is the way he enjoys his game. He never takes tension and takes things according to the situation. That has been his biggest strength."

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