Watch: Mohammed Shami hits back Hasin Jahan with a new strategy

[caption id="attachment_64389" align="aligncenter" width="580"]Shami has stopped his monthly payment to put Hasin in trouble Shami has stopped his monthly payment to put Hasin in trouble[/caption]

Sabyasachi Bagchi: Mohammed Shami used a new strategy to corner his wife Hasin Jahan as he has ‘stopped payment’. He used to give monthly expenses to Jahan, but now the situation has changed. Shami and Hasin have involved in a bitter controversy as Hasin claimed that Shami has extra marital affairs with other women. Not only that but also she alleged the Indian pacer in the match fixing charges.

Today Hasin went to withdraw 1 lakh rupees from the bank but found that payment has been stop by the speedster. Earlier Shami claimed that he gave some blank cheques to his wife Hasin. Few days before, Shami tweeted his daughter Airah's image and said that he is missing his daughter. Some legal proceedings going on against Shami as Hasin lodged FIR against her husband but, Airah did’t know anything about it. Shami’s step to stop the payment will definitely effect her in the near future.
“Sami is obliged to take responsibility for his wife and child during the legal process. So legal action will be taken in this regard.” Hasin’s lawyer Zakir Hossain said about this issue.

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