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Sex Scandal: No question of reconciliation, says Hasin Jahan

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Kolkata: Indian cricket team’s star pacer Mohammed Shami’s wife Hasin Jahan said there is no question withdrawing the case against Shami, as she has already suffered a lot and if she fall back now, people will think that she is a fraud and doing all these things only for Shami’s money.

“My job was to file an F.I.R against him and I have done that. I have suffered a lot since last 5 years and tried to solve everything till the very last day. He would've run away to UP by now if I did not catch hold of that mobile phone, he would've divorced me till now if I did not have the mobile phone. The law will follow its own path and I fall back now the people will think that I am a fraud and doing all these things only for Shami’s money,” said Jahan.

On being asked whether she would spend a normal life again with Shami for their little daughter, Airah, Hasin said,” For the sake of my child I told Shami that he should accept his mistake and I will forgive him, but he didn’t listen to me. He's making up all sorts of things to save himself from allegations. Why didn't the media investigate even after I gave them all the details? Till the day I took to social media, I tried to convince him to save our marriage. If he tries to come back I may still consider,” she added.

Hasin further said that she has seen Shami’s interview to the news channels and she is not a bit shocked about what he told them.” I knew that Shami would tell a lie in front of the media as I know him very well. He didn’t even pick any of my calls and I can show you my call lists as well. He alleged that I didn’t meet his family members in Kolkata which is nothing but a lie as my lawyer met with them and talked with them as well. Now my lawyer is my guardian and I will only follow his instruction.”

On the other hand a special investigating team of Kolkata Police will go to Uttar Pradesh to hand over the F.I.R copy to Shami and his family. Not only the police authority may also urge Shami to solve this matter mutually with his wife Hasin Jahan as the court proceedings may also harm Shami’s cricketing career as well.

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