Read: This lady denied all the allegations against her and Mohammed Shami

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Sabyasachi Bagchi: Indian cricket team’s star pacer Mohammed Shami and his wife Hasin Jahan are having a lot of problems with their relationship as Hasin posted a few pictures on her Facebook account where she blamed her husband with sex scandal allegations. She alleged Manju Mishra and described her as ‘Nagpur ka Nagin’. She also posted her phone number in her post. talked to Manju to find out what exactly happened with her. Manju declined all the allegations about her. Meanwhile, Hasin shared all the documents with Kolkata Police including the chat list between Shami and Manju, but she denied all the allegations made by Hasin and said, “I am a fan of Mohammed Shami. I saw many matches in Nagpur but, I don’t have any contact with him. All the allegations are wrong. They are trying to defame not only me but also my family. Who will take the responsibility after this?”

After Hasin’s post Manju messaged her as well to stop this thing. has the chat list where Manju said, “Please try to understand I don’t know Mohammed Shami. Mohammed who lives in UK is a friend of mine. I think there are some miscommunications going on. Please delete the post.”


Manju already know that Hasin gave all the chat lists to police but, she is confident of her innocence as she said, “I haven’t done anything wrong. I tried to say her that Mohammed Shami and UK settled Mohammed aren’t the same person but, she didn’t want to listen anything and that is causing problem for me.” At last she said,“I know that truth will prevail and I have no problem if police ask me anything.”

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