OMG! Why did Hasin Jahan hide this significant truth?

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Kolkata: Hasin Jahan’s claim that Mohammed Shami has stopped his monthly payment to his wife may be a lie after Shami has shared tweet which has a screen shot of Shami’s Axis Bank statement. It shows that the Delhi Daredevils bowler just paid Rs 1 lakh to Hasin Jahan on March 20. The money was sent to Hasin’s bank account via cheque (number 303718) a couple of days back. As per the tweet Shami gave two cheques to Jahan before leaving for South Africa, among them one was cashed in and another was blocked by Shami as he thought that 1 lakh rupees is enough for a month.

Earlier on Tuesday, Jahan didn’t say anything about two cheques and claimed that Shami has stopped his monthly payment and he is an irresponsible father as well.” He gave me a cheque ahead of going to South Africa. I came to cash it in today but the bank authority has told me that he has stopped the payment. A few days back he was saying that he is missing Airah a lot but now you can understand too that he doesn’t even care for his daughter as well.”

On being asked about the matter, Hasin told www.xtratime.in that,” Yes he gave me two cheques. One was cashed in and the other was blocked by him. The cheque which was cashed in was an old cheque, he didn’t understood that the last cheque was with me and he blocked the other cheque. You have to understand I can’t feed my family with only 1 lakh rupees. I don’t what will happen in future as the case has just started.”

She didn’t say anything regarding this matter on March 20 despite of getting 1 lakh rupees from the bank. Though Hasin doesn’t see anything wrong in it.” Why should I tell anyone about that? I only spoke about the stop payment. I used his debit card till now and I haven’t told anything to anyone regarding this matter. Shami told the media that I have given cheques to Hasin and debit card, I didn’t say anything on that time. But when he stopped his payment I told that to the media.”

When asked about whether he got the cash on March 20, Hasin said,” I submitted both the cheques to the bank on March 20, one was cheque number 18 and another was cheque number 20. He gave me the cheques ahead of going to South Africa for monthly expenses and his BMW. He thought that the cheque number 18 has already been cashed in and that’s why he might haven’t stopped that cheque and stopped the cheque number 20. You should understand one cannot live his life only 1 lakh rupees. I have no cheque left and I don’t know how can I feed my family after this.”

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