New 'drama' on Mohammed Shami & Hasin Jahan's marriage certificate


Sabyasachi Bagchi: The marital relationship between Indian cricket team’s star pacer Mohammed Shami and Hasin Jahan is at its very end, and the current example of that is their ‘marriage certificate’ has come out in public. Today Mohammed Shami took a dig at his wife Hasin Jahan with this evidence. Though as per Hasin and the marriage registry officer, Nazrul Islam, Shami is trying to save himself with a lot of lies.

From the last few days, Shami was telling that Hasin didn’t tell him about her first marriage and not only that he was also unaware that Hasin had two daughters as well. As per Shami, in the marriage certificate there were three options. ‘Bachelor’, ‘Widower’ and ‘Divorcee’. To hide the truth from Shami, Hasin Jahan choose Bachelor option. They got married to each other under ‘Muslim Marriage Act’ on April 7, 2014.


While talking to from New Delhi, Shami said,” Hasin has cheated me. She didn’t tell me anything about her first marriage, the marriage certificate is the proof of that. I think marrying Hasin was the biggest mistake of my life.”

But while talking to us on March 10 Shami told that,” I went in a relationship with Hasin despite of knowing her past,”, but today he took a U-turn from his earlier briefing.

After listening to this, Mohammed Nazrul Islam broke his silence in this matter who gave them their marriage certificate. On being asked about the matter, Islam told from Bolpur that,” During their marriage Shami and his family told Hasin to select ‘Bachelor’ option. Now, if Shami is denying that, I will tell Shami is telling a lie to save himself. They should sit together and solve this matter mutually.” Beside that he also stated,” If needed I will go to court and give my statement in favour of Hasin.”

On being asked about the matter Hasin said,” He told me to select the ‘Bachelor’ option during our registry. I have all the evidences regarding this matter and will file it to the police authority when time comes.”

Now a days’ Shami is trying his level best to clean his image, but Hasin is not far behind to bring one after one allegations. Now the time will tell who is telling the truth and who is lying.

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