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Mohammed Shami takes a dig at his wife. Do you know what he said?

[caption id="attachment_63993" align="aligncenter" width="580"]FIR Mohammed Shami opens up against his wife. Image Source: File Pic[/caption]

Sabyasachi Bagchi: India’s star pacer Mohammed Shami handed a telephonic conversation to the media to prove his wife Hasin Jahan’s claim false today. Last night Jahan claimed that, Shami is giving threat calls to her. After giving the audio clips to the media, Mohammed Shami took a dig at his wife and said that he will take legal actions against his wife. Today Shami gave an interview to via Whatsapp call from Delhi where he talked about his future steps.

XT: Till know you only gave reactions against your wife’s allegations, but today you shared an audio clip with the media. What is the reason behind it?

Shami: Hasin has crossed all the limits. I was missing Bebo (Airah) a lot and that’s why I called her on Tuesday morning. I talked with her normally, but you can listen in the audio that her behavior was really very rude. She also told in Kolkata that I have threatened her, which is nothing but a lie. She has lost her mental balance. I have told you earlier, someone is influencing Hasin to do all these things.

XT: BCCI is also taking strict action against you. What is your thought regarding this matter?

Shami: I have seen the news on TV. If they ask me regarding this matter I will definitely give answer to them. I am not leaving the country and my phone is on as well. I have nothing to fear as I haven’t done anything wrong.

XT: BCCI has a question that why you took the money of Mohammad Bhai from Pakistani woman Alizba. The board wants to know how you had spent those money?

Shami: When the time will come I will definitely give my answer to BCCI and others also. My lawyer has told me not to speak anything regarding this matter.

XT: You have started consulting with lawyers?

Shami: Certainly. You know I have to prove my innocence. Hasin doesn’t want a mutual understanding and that’s why I have started talking with my lawyer.

XT: So you have lost all the hopes of saving your marital relation?

Shami: I am trying to save my marriage every day. You know I haven’t seen my daughter Airah for last 12 days. Whenever I am calling Hasin, she is behaving rudely with me. I think she don’t want to settle anything with me.

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