Mohammed Shami announces war against wife Hasin Jahan after BCCI’s ‘Clean Chit’

[caption id="attachment_62302" align="aligncenter" width="580"]Shami's performance helped India to win the match. Picture Courtesy: BCCI BCCI has given clean chit to Mohammed Shami. File Pic[/caption]

Sabyasachi Bagchi: Up till now, the first battle has been won. After Thursday evening, the duel between Mohammed Shami and Hasin Jahan is 1-0 in favour of Shami. Since 6th March, 2018, just like his wife Hasin, Shami too has spoken to the media several times. Today evening when he got the ‘clean chit’ from BCCI his lost fame improved by leaps and bounds. While giving interviews to one channel in Noida to another, Shami spoke to over a whatsapp call. He made it clear he is up for war against wife Hasin. So it’s now inevitable that the relationship is going to end. Even after all this, if they stick together, many will be surprised.

XT : Were you confident of getting a clean chit from BCCI?

Shami: I was 500% confident. Because Mohammed Shami never misbehaved with the game of cricket. I was just waiting for the official announcement from BCCI. I got that today and I’m relieved. I want to thank BCCI and Neeraj Sir.

XT: That means all the talks about your relationship with Pakistani model Alishba, money exchange were fake?

Shami: Why are you asking me all this? The board has already proven that. Whatever BCCI asked me, I have helped them fully. Now that BCCI has given me a clean chit, I know even Kolkata Police will do the same.

XT: You said had you been proved guilty, you would hang yourself? Remember.

Shami: Yes I do. I can never cheat cricket. I got fame and recognition playing cricket. That’s why I had said such a thing. It’s better to die than live a life being a match fixer.

XT: During this tough period, did anyone from the Indian Cricket Team stand by you?

Shami: I don’t want to name anyone in particular in front of the media. But just know this that starting from the coaching staff to the players, everyone stood by me. They kept regular contact. Cause they know Shami gives 100% every time he is playing.

XT: Acting President of BCCI C. K. Khanna has congratulated you and told you to focus on IPL and the England tour. Your thoughts.

Shami: Amidst this mental pressure, I still was practising. I had tweeted that photo. Now I’ll play freely. I will pray to almighty and start my practice with Delhi Daredevils. First let me play IPL. Then I’ll shift my focus to the England tour.

XT: Anything you want to say about Hasin?

Shami: No. For her I had to face humiliation. I wanted to sort out the matter. But she didn’t agree. A broken glass cannot be repaired. Our relationship will never be normal again.

XT: Heard that you contacted a renowned lawyer in Sekhar Basu?

Shami: I don’t want to name my lawyer. But remember the lawyer I have spoken to if ever given a chance faces Hasin, she will just fly off. I have tolerated enough. She has brought me and my family down in public. She doesn’t have gratitude.

XT: Hasin’s lawyer questioned the boards decision. Your thoughts.

Shami: Just because BCCI gave me a clean chit, their heads are spinning. They couldn’t believe I’ll get one. I don’t care what they have said.

XT: On Friday Hasin will meet the CM Smt. Mamata Banerjee. Still you are so confident? What if the game turns around.

Shami: I have played for Bengal before representing India. I have given a lot of success to Bengal. CM knows that. And by now she must know about Hasin as well. If I haven’t done any mistake, why shall I fear?

XT: What if the CM tells you to come to Kolkata and relive the relationship?

Shami: If Didi ( CM ) calls I ll go to Kolkata. But I can’t imagine going back to Hasin. Why? That I’ll make the CM understand. It’s better to stay aloof than fight every single day.

XT: Don’t you think of Hasin once? She has two daughters from her first marriage. They don’t stay with her. Won’t you want Airya to stay with you?

Shami: I’m not responsible for her first marriage. Only she and her family is to be blamed for that. Where lies my fault? But besides cricket Airah is my everything. Let law decide with whom Airah will stay.

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