Exclusive: Mohammed Shami breaks his silence about his cricket future after the alleged sex scandal


Sabyasachi Bagchi: When his wife has been continuously bringing allegations against her husband Mohammed Shami, the Indian bowling spearhead has been trying exactly the opposite. His intention is to find a solution to solve the ongoing turmoil he is having with his wife. In an exclusive interview with, he revealed all he had to say about the ongoing sex scandal.

XT: Your wife Hasin Jahan has already filed a strong case against you and continuously bringing allegations against you. What do you want to say about you?

Shami: What shall I say? She has said whatever she wanted to say. But tell me a single family where there is no problem between a married couple. I am still telling you, I have no grief against Hasin. Please forgive me if I have made any mistake, but please be with me. If you two are not there, I won't be able to concentrate on my game.

XT: Would you accept the allegations brought against you? What's your take on it?

Shami: Will never do that. Why should I? I am not a lad of such mentality. I decided to marry Hasin despite knowing her bitter past. So there is no point of deceiving her. I love them a lot (crying) and want to have them back again. They are my strength.

XT: Why did you not return to Kolkata and went back to your village?

Shami: Well I could have come. But never imagined that the things would become this much complicated. I thought of finding a solution over phone. If someone doesn't pick up your call, what can you do? Everyone is making fun of my family. Can't accept that.

XT: Who is telling the truth between you two? Both of you are claiming that you are not responding to the phone calls.

Shami: Now the case has gone to the Police. If they  feel, they can track the  call list. The truth will come out.

XT: Hasin has indirectly indicted you for match-fixing, as she said that you have taken money from a Pakistani lady named Alijba from Dubai.

Shami: I belong to such a family where it wouldn't have been an issue as well if I wouldn't have played cricket. I have struggled hard to reach at this level. So, these allegations are unacceptable. I am ready to provide all my bank details to the police if they want. I never did such thing, and that is why I am so confident.

XT: How do you see your career from here as BCCI has kept your central contract on pending. Playing thr IPL too for Daredevils seems difficult after this case.

Shami: I don't know what will happen in future. But one thing for sure, BCCI won't turn their faces off me. They are observing the entire matter. So I am not at all negative about it.

XT: Hasin's daughter of her first marriage has been staying in your flat since January. Was there any rift between you two regarding her?

Shami: Did I say anything ever to the media regarding that? I never did. I also have taken the responsibility of her studies. But to me, that's not a big thing and quite normal being a father.

XT: Starting from your childhood coach Badruddin to Kolkata Maidan, even the people from Siuri, Birbhum are in your support. Your take on that?

Shami: Please mention the people of my village as well. They too have been very supportive. They know and love Md Shami and the person he is. But I am not well, can't take this pressure anymore.

XT: Who do you think has been plotting the controversy?

Shami: If I would have known that, everything would have been clear. But one thing for sure, he/she has been tirelessly washing my wife's brain and jealous about our happy married life and my career.

XT: Last question. When are you planning to come to Kolkata?

Shami: I don't know. I might go back to my village again. But hoping to back there soon.

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